a sms warning from mothernature

July 12, 2015

Trees are not like humans. We can only postulate, theorize and approximate about what lies around the corner. Even then, nine out of ten. We muck it up.

Not trees. They’re never far off the mark. Always spot on.

This year, the flowers seem to be producing three times more seeds than usual. To most people it’s a language written in an alphabet they can never decipher. But to me, it simply says, be very careful farmer, make preparations now, do not delay, as it’s going to be a tough year.

That’s how trees talk. They’re not like rambling humans who hardly make any sense at all even when they seem to use so many words and tabula data to make a point.

Trees can intuit precisely. They’ve the power of prescience that makes Nostradamus look like a 50 cent fortune teller with a color parrot to pick out cards.

They always seem to know precisely how things are going to pan out, they don’t ever panic, they just go about their business of making preparations quietly – to ensure the survival of their species, they will produce more seeds than usual to compensate for the looming epic drought.

El Nino is definitely going come down hard like a sledgehammer starting from today, very slowly and imperceptibly, mothernature will begin to curl her fingers like talons as the world begins to boil.

My friends the trees are never ever wrong. You better believe it.

I must make preparations. This will be a big one!

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