Honesty and the man eating tiger

July 18, 2015

Quite sometime back ago. The village elders approached me concerning a man who they described as a troublemaker. They so wanted me to speak to this person as some of them felt I had considerable influence and leverage to make this fellow see the error of his ways.

Mid way thru the conversation. I asked of them, ‘how did the world’s greatest troublemaker end up in our village?’ I went on to add, ‘if memory serves….he was not always such a difficult man….so can any of you please fill me in on why and how did this man change to be the way he is today?’

All the elders kept quiet, looked down and shuffled uncomfortably.

I simply expressed in a sanguine tone thereafter…I understand….it seems this is a problem that you all created, so you must all really put your heads together and try to deal as best you can with man eating tiger that is prowling in your backyard…this is after all YOUR karma, it has nothing to do with me…and I really don’t see how this personal dispute could possibly benefit from my involvement.



‘Mention karma and Christians are bound to cringe and change the subject almost immediately. That is because the priest has brainwashed them to censor their thought processes. Replace that word with the law of cause and effect or the American parlance, what goes around will come around or sow bad seeds and reap the maelstrom…and you will find not only will they engage you in a serious conversation concerning the wisdom of treating others the way you want to be treated. But they may also come to agree with you without too much difficulty.

That is because the gist of Karma is none other than the law of cause and effect. It is in essence of one of the same reality.

If a man lives by the sword. He will also most likely leave this world by the same instrument of terror that he used to wield.

That is why when you come across people who seem to be difficult, suspicious and slow to trust….be very patient with them. As nine out of ten, they were not always this way. They might have once been easy, only for others to take advantage of them. They could perhaps even have been slightly naive and trusting only for others to betray their trust. So they are really just victims who have once been let down terribly.

It is only when we cultivate this deep inquiring habit of peering into the history of people by asking further – why is he or she like that? What happened in the past? Instead of just reacting to what people may say and do – that we can begin to feel compassion and do what is wise and right.’

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