El Niño playing hide and seek

July 22, 2015

I don’t understand. We are supposed to be in the thick end of El Niño, but…….it’s still raining. Humidity is still hovering somewhere around the upper reaches of a balmy 80%….which means, it will rain again.

I don’t understand. Even the birds seem to think it’s going to rain again. Otherwise they wouldn’t come out to play. But how could that be? The weather boffins are all in agreement the trade winds have failed this year….yet we seem to getting moderately strong winds that blow from the East. Even the CPO futures have been snapped up by commodity traders. They expect a shortfall in yield thru out the peninsula. But it’s still raining.

I don’t understand. I will appreciate it if someone could fill in on what’s really happening.

I don’t understand.

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