Learning to stand alone

July 22, 2015

Today I met a man who told me that from today onwards. He will no longer come to the village again. I asked him why….the man told me, he had a falling out with a powerful landowner who he believes wronged him. And since he was neither as rich or well connected as this landowner. He felt it was best if he went his own way.

I asked of this man. Do you have the truth on your side? He replied resolutely yes.

Then I told him – if that is the case. Then it’s hardly a matter of choice. You have to do what you have to do and see the matter to the very end even if you stand alone.

Because should you seek to compromise…close one eye…or take the easy path. Then no one will ever take you seriously again. I went on stress to this chap – in business when people don’t take you seriously….then it is very difficult for one to do big things….as to be taken lightly is a form of death in business. This way at least they will have to take you very seriously even if they do not agree with you, as they can see very clearly you are a man who doesn’t mind standing alone in the name of the truth.


We all crave to belong. To be part of. This is an indelible aspect of the human condition. And sometimes to fulfill this deep human yearning, we are even prepared to compromise…..close one eye….cannibalize a part of who we are…suspend disbelief etc etc etc.

I am not saying we should not compromise….close one eye….even cannibalize an elemental part of who we are and what we stand for to keep the peace or in the name of the common good. At times, we should and must.

Only if we keep doing this again and again to ourselves. Then at some point we will disappear completely and become hollow and inconsequential men.

As since we stand for nothing, believe in nothing and prefer to do nothing most of the time and only seem to lean with the prevailing….we have inadvertently fashioned our entire being to be none other than the very definition of nothing.

Something can never come from nothing. Nothing is just nothing.

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