Always tell yourself three times…..

July 24, 2015

Early this morning a very angry man asked me whether I know how to dispose of a dead body. After a long pause. I asked this man to sit down and explain calmly to me why would this be necessary.

The man began to recount in a very anxious tone, while having breakfast with his wife who was visiting him. He had overheard a few villagers sniggering about her. They had said, ‘he bought his wife from Vietnam.’

So now the man is very angry.

I asked this man….do you love your wife? He said yes with all my heart. Then I asked him, does your wife love you? He replied to the best of his knowledge, he believes she does.

Then I said to him, you have every reason therefore to be the happiest person in this world. As your life is complete and heaven smiles on you.

So why do you allow anyone to just walk into your mind with dirty feet and soil your beautiful piece of heaven? Why do you allow a couple of rascals to upset your mood along with mess up your entire day which would otherwise have been one of the most beautiful and memorable days in your life with your one and only love?

I went on to tell this man who had calmed down and even started smiling at his good fortune….the best revenge is to live well. Always keep this goal in mind whenever people try to bring out the worst in you. Tell yourself three times…

The best revenge is to live well.

The best revenge is to live well.

The best revenge is to live well.

This way, you will always guard your mind and not allow people with dirty feet to just walk right in!


‘If an inconsiderate asshole barges into your house wearing dirty slippers. You will have absolutely no problem telling him in a no nonsense tone to ‘get out and stay out!’

But what is curious and even peculiar about the vast majority of humans is, if the same happens in their mind, then instead of chasing this dirty rascal out. What most people will do is invite him into their house and even spend so much time with him that this fellow ends up rolling around the end sheets and creating a mess in every single room in their minds.

Now if that is not strange, then I really don’t know what is – my point is guard what goes into your mind like a special forces soldier…do not allow anyone to just walk right into your world of calmness and mess it up.

That is why evil people usually find it very exasperating to deal with me. They will get so frustrated their high blood pressure will spike and they will die! If they want to cheat me, often they will find. I cannot be baited. If they want to mind game me, again they also find that it doesn’t have the desired effect and if they want to put the cinder of fear in me….again it will not work. Doesn’t matter how many gangsters they bring to my land to chase me out. Doesn’t even matter if they have the police and politicians in their back pocket, cannot means cannot…..and I will strike back like the state of Israel even if I am just the power of one fighting against many…I have no fear. So don’t think I am just a pencil pusher living in a fairytale dream world. No…there are real threats in my world…real and present threats that often require timely interdiction…I just don’t share this aspect of my life with all of you!

Above all, I guard what goes in and out of my mind like a soldier.

There are many times when I believe my autism is great blessing. As I can see patterns and forms that most people cannot see.’

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