Dealing with resentment and anger

July 24, 2015

Whenever someone tries to bring out the worst in you, never react, just respond with the power of mindfulness. To do this just imagine yourself stepping out of your own skin and observing yourself like a third party. When you adopt such a mental attitude, suddenly you will feel a wise energy that you have never felt before move thru you….do not be afraid…..because this is your internal voice….learn to listen and be guided by it.


Remember never react, mindfulness just means being a witness of what is happening, in and outside you – do not even judge whether it is right or wrong, appropriate or out of line. Once you do this, you are hooked, you have jumped in with two feet, the magic spell of witnessing is broken. Just observe….quietly….impassively.

Observe how the words seem to affect you, observe how your heart rate seems to spike, how you are making a club out of your clenched fist. Observe how disturbed you have become as the poison of anger and resentment begins to spread to every part of your mind and body….observe even how you are starting to plot your revenge. Above all observe how your mind has conspired against you so that you have begun to move round and round like a cat chasing it’s own tail.

Observe all these things….do not be part of it….just observe.

People who do not know this discipline of the mind. Are condemned to suffer for days, months, years and in some case their entire life. They will not be able to sleep soundly, from time to time when they recount their bad experiences it will ruin their day. Many even suffer from all kinds of stress related ailments, just because they do not know how to deal effectively with anger and resentment whenever someone rubs them the wrong way.

Want prove? Then reflect on your own past and you will have absolutely no problem recalling the many painful incidences when you were hurt which resulted in you feeling resentful and angry.

The most effective way to deal with resentment and anger is NEVER to deny it! By this I mean, it is not a mind over matter thing. Because whatever container you try to fashion with the power of your mind to put your resentment and anger in….it will just corrode right thru like acid….and once it’s out. You are it’s prisoner again.

That is how powerful resentment and anger is….it is like fire.

Understand it for what it is….the priest will always tell you, don’t go near it, leave it at the foot of the fellow who can walk on water. You have no power, but he has. But I am telling you the opposite…do not run away from it…you have the power to understand it by being a witness.

The most reliable way to deal with anger and resentment is to just bear witness to how it can mess up your minutes, hours, days, months and years of your life….the more you begin to bear witness to how ridiculous anger and resentment can rob you of a happy and purpose driven life. The more conscious you will become of the growing realization – this is not the way you want to live your life……you don’t need this negative energy in your life… is no good.

Once you reach this awareness and it will come very naturally and effortlessly thru bearing witness to yourself.

You have already successfully starved resentment and anger….you are free.


‘Life is too short. So I never want to spend my time thinking about how to murder people, where to bury the body so the dog doesn’t dig it up, what alibi should I cook up when the policeman with a big moustache knocks on my door at 5.00 am to ask me questions etc etc etc. I dowan.

Because as I grow older. I am thoroughly convinced by a very strong internal voice that keeps whispering to me.

The best revenge is to live well

The best revenge is to live well

The best revenge is to live well

This is why nowadays…you will find, I rarely get myself worked up over small things.

That is not say, I don’t get angry or even feel resentful any longer. I do. And it’s perfectly natural for one to react in that manner. Only I no longer see the compelling need to be part of anger and resentment any longer. I have a choice now.

As in my moments of solitude. I have been able to reflect deeply on my life and this discipline of bearing witness to how anger and resentment can affect me has given me the confidence to walk away from it.

I hope this knowledge which I have developed thru years of study and research will be able to do the same for you as well.’

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