Soft power

July 27, 2015

My life can be considered a very sad allegory. As since I ventured into the plantation business under less than ideal circumstances. I’ve had to literally fight for every square millimeter just to establish my business. Nothing ever came easy for me. Not even so much as once! It was all hard fought! Tooth and nail.

In the early days that I often refer to as the days of lighting and thunder. There were many times when I’ve had to face off against bigger rivals who had more money and were better networked that me. There are many things that I have done that I much prefer never to mention and take to my grave. After so many years of relentless warring, it would not be an exaggeration to say most people who are well acquianted with my histoy can really only perceive me as a very hard, implacable and ruthless businessman.

Someone who you don’t mess around with…

That is why whenever there is an opportunity to project the softer and caring side of me. Usually I put in considerable time and effort. I feel the need at this stage of my life to somehow balance the scales of life.

My only regret is why did they have to make my life so difficult and miserable. Had my life been easier from the word go, had those who once waged war on me showed me even a morsel of humanity, dignity and given me the benefit of the level playing field….things would be so very different today.


‘If you have an opportunity to be compassionate, fair and reasonable to someone who you don’t even know. Do it! Do it even if it hurts you. Do it even if you believe you will never see him again. Do it unconditionally.

That’s my advice to you.

Because if you are nasty, then you better pray that person is going get so badly beaten up from that terrible experience. That he just decides to run right out of your life with his tail between his legs and you never ever see him again.

That is the best case scenario.

But let us assume all things being equal. That person who you once took a bite out of manages to somehow survive against the odds and subsequently decides to come right back. Then my advice to you is consider putting a bullet in his head. Finish him off! Because at that point, you are already well and truly in very dangerous territory.

If for some reason you don’t have balls of steel to see that unhappy enterprise to its logic unpleasant end. Then your second best option is to pray one million times a day, this person ends up being a Mr Nobody. Pray very hard that fortune doesn’t smile on him. Not even so much as once! Pray harder that he dies of lung cancer or gets knocked down by a car. Because if this person who you once wronged for whatever reason makes something significant out of his life. Then one day should that man who you once wronged come across a poor innocent soul who needs a helping hand or just a kind deed. The chances are he would just take a huge bite out of him in the very same way you once did.

It’s a reflex action….automatic……he can’t help it. By God he cannot. That’s the tragedy.

Do you see how it all comes back? The reason is because when you were nasty to this man many years ago – you didn’t merely wrong him. You actually robbed him of his humanity and worse of all you weakened his faith in the goodness of mankind. To put it in another way, you fashioned a cold hearted and ruthless monster.

The horror…the horror…the horror.’

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