The loser who became a winner….with his own hand

July 29, 2015

Today the village barber who doubles as the director of the CIA informed me a couple was showing my photograph to villagers and asking about me. So naturally, I arranged for the village roti man who I personally trained as a Mossad secret agent to follow them around and find out more about their intentions. It seems the couple wants to thank me. I was very surprised as when the image of man and wife was shown to me, I don’t seem to have any recollection of ever meeting them.

Nonetheless they were escorted to my house. When the man saw me, he turned to his wife and muttered in a trembling voice, ‘Finally, I am face to face with the man himself.’

Then he proceeded to introduce himself and mentioned that he had travelled a great distance just to thank me. I was a bit startled by all this sudden show of emotion, so I suggested a walk around the plantation while the man began to recount the story of how after been retrenched many years ago in Singapore, he had come across my blog and after reading it, he had sold off his HDB and ventured out to seek his fortune in Cambodia. The man went on to recount his rags to riches tale from a nobody to being the undisputed king of plastic wares in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos etc etc etc.

On one occasion he even shared with to me his deep felt conviction that had it not been for my writings which he considered as a solitary tongue of light in his many moments of darkness, it is very unlikely that he would have discovered the confidence to build his El Derado. That was when I turned to him and asked him to show me his hands. When they were spread out before me. I took off my sunglasses and looked him in the eye and after a very long pause, I told him,

‘These are the hands that made you the great man that you are today.’


‘Understand this!. If possible write it down, laminate it and carry it in your wallet. Never leave home without it….as it is very important.

Whatever I write, I write for myself. So you should never regard it to be something ‘on my authority’ in such a way where you say, ‘Darkness says this or that…so it must be,’ – if you do that, I guarantee you, you will suffer, for you will not grow.

The priest will never tell you this. For him it is all or nothing. This one cannot. That one can. This good. That bad. etc etc etc. That is because all religion first requires complete and total surrender of your thinking faculties, without this precondition it is impossible to construct a faith accompli. The brain must be dead in that sort of engagement.

But in this case, the power of your brain is what makes it all possible. As what I experience and write about can never be the same as what you have gone thru or will ever experience in the future. I am not you and you are not me. The end.

It is only when you interrogate what you read here (and I might add elsewhere as well) as vigorously as possible …compare and contrast with whatever….test out continuously…..adjust, so that it takes stock of your individuality….and recruit your thinking mind when you practice it daily…. that you are able to experience real and meaningful mind and spiritual growth.

Above all when you do all this, that which was once mine is magically transformed into yours to call your very own…..that is the goal.

All other things are not important and are merely distractions.’

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