Please understand

July 11, 2015

I was never here. By this, I mean to say, this conversation never transpired at all. As for this subject, place and time line, it only exist in the figment of your imagination. It too cannot exist. As it’s existence is conditional on the conversation having once taken place.

But let us assume by some miracle that it could and did once transpire. Let us just do it to humor fate and providence because we are naughty and choose this time to be frivolous?

Then I have to regretfully inform you, to the best of my knowledge! I do not seem to have any recollection concerning what I either said or heard at all.

You see, either way, it doesn’t exist at all. That’s what I mean when I say…I was never here.

‘There are some things I never ever want to share with a single soul and much prefer to take to the grave.’

I don’t care very much for the city. I even suspect, I may be somewhat allergic to the city. To me the city and everything about it is like a giant krytronite rock that slowly weakens me from deep within. I can feel it’s deadly invisible rays deadening everything. But since I am compelled from time to time to go to the city for business. I have no choice, but to develop some way to this live in peace with this disorder.

Usually when I feel wasted. I will lumber to the nearest park and sit there while I slowly recharge. In the event none is available, it is not unusual for me to knock on the doors of mansions in leafy neighbourhoods with lush gardens to ask the mistress of the house for permission to recharge my life force in her garden. I seldom ever encounter problems. Some initial curiosity and hesitation perhaps. But this soon passes. As based on my experience, most people can usually be counted to be quite reasonable and understanding even if they consider my request somewhat peculiar.

Women I find tend to be very understanding and also very curious. Men on the other hand have a tendency to express reservations and outrage on certain occasions, but this soon passes when their wife’s remind them there is no need to be rude….that is because women have natural ESP, they can sense danger better than men….and they know I am genuine and my need is real.

If there is no answer. It is not unusual for me to climb over the gates. It is not a matter of choice! As the death rays in the city can ravage me mercilessly. Fortunately dogs of all known denomination and breeds are born with the power of animal ESP, they can intuit, I mean them and their masters no harm……I just want to rest in peace in the garden. So they will usually give me curious looks whenever I climb over and some of them will even have the courtesy to guard me while I rest. On other occasions they will come to sit beside me quietly without figidting, as if they are aware of my predicament.

Recently a kind lady whose garden I climbed over quite a while back ago was so thoughtful that she compiled a list of addresses of stately mansions thru out the length and breadth of the city with big gardens where she said, I can rest and be reassured ‘no misunderstandings of any kind will ever occur.’ This kindred spirit who I understand to be a very powerful, influential and wealthy socialite told me in a tone of gentle concern, that should I ever got into any serious trouble with the law on account of my ‘unusual’ habit, as according her, my actions can so easily be misconstrued. She would never be able to forgive herself for the travesty. I assured her, I never want to ever end up in Block 7 of IMH as well. I just want to rest in a garden and recharge my life force.

As a consequence this lady has taken the liberty of circulating my photo along with a short explanation in her facebook account to inform all her high society friends that should any of them encounter a strange man attired in a bushjacket knocking on their door driving a four wheel drive with oversized tires, asking for permission to rest in their garden…they should always remain calm and make every possible effort to fulfil my request promptly, as it is a grave matter that pertains to my mental, psychical and spiritual well being…I should be treated like a kind and gentle soul always with the upmost kindness, consideration and thoughtfulness.

I now finally have a passport to enjoy all the beautiful gardens in the city. I told this lady, from today onwards, I no need to climb over walls again. I am so happy.

I know what is happening. I read a lot and I have the uncanny ability to connect dots and seek out patterns. The way I see it, operation bring down Najib is just way too smooth, bang, bang and bang….one after another like synchronised explosive charges designed to bring down a building….very professional.

These power brokers who are trying to bring him down are at top of their game lah.

That’s as much as I am prepared to reveal for the time being.


House rules

July 9, 2015

When in Rome, whenever possible, do as the Romans do. But should you prefer not to do what the Romans do for whatever reason. Then at least you should take the trouble to seek to understand why they think and do the things they do. If for whatever reason you are unable or unwilling to do that. Then you have the free will not to go to Rome.

Only remember wherever you choose to go thereafter, it will not be so different from Rome….as every other city will also have their house rules.

Always seek to understand.


‘In my kampung there is a mixed rice shop run by an elderly couple. It is quite a peculiar shop. As from time to time, when patrons don’t finish their food for whatever reason, it’s not unusual for the elderly proprietor to rebuke them for wasting food.

This shop is located nearby a school and it’s well frequented by many of the young teachers who are particularly fond of the delicious Pork knuckle that is usually served every alternate Tuesday.

One day a huge fight broke out between the proprietor and this large group of school teachers. The dispute concerned unfinished food, to which the latter shouted out ‘Hello, we paid for this food, so what we choose to do with it, is none of your business!’ To which the elderly couple interjected, ‘please don’t come here any longer…we do not want to serve wasteful people.’

Thereafter the irate school teachers proceeded to boycott the old couples shop in earnest. They even put up a banner outside the school, ‘freedom to eat democratically!’ While the old couple retaliated with a banner which invoked Buddhist strictures, ‘it is a great sin to be wasteful!’

The impasse divided the kampung right down the middle. And despite numerous attempts by the Chinese chamber of commerce and Buddhisht Moral association to mediate between these two factions – no resolution was ever reached.

One day the elders of the village suggested seeking the assistance of the man who lived on the hill to act as a mediator to resolve the freedom for food impasse. The man was after all eminently well educated man who was often consulted whenever the school teachers had difficulty understanding their work. He was also well acquainted with the customs of turning the wheel of life in the Kampung, as he belonged to the aristocracy of the land owning classes.

After the elders of the village had consulted the man – a lunch invitation was extended to the militant school teachers. They were all asked to skip breakfast as the lunch promised to be memorable to which the school teachers all agreed.

On the date of the luncheon when the school teachers arrived by chartered bus to the landowners house on the hill – to their surprise they found lunch was not even prepared. Some of them even openly complained they were very hungry as they had complied with the landowners instructions to skip breakfast to fully enjoy the luncheon he had promised them.

When the schoolteachers turned to the landowner to ask what is the meaning of this – the man merely pleaded with them to bear him out as he began to recount a history lesson on how difficult life had been for those who had lived thru the Japanese occupation during WW2. He went on to mention – food was so scarce then that many were reduced to eking out a miserable subsistence existence comprising mainly of tapioca and yam gruel. The man went on to mention the suffering was so intense, often it would leave a permanent scar on those who went thru it and the only way to understand this was thru the feeling of suffering specifically hunger which he had deliberately arranged for them to feel now…as when one is able to be part of that moment of suffering, even for a very brief period…then one will certainly understand why some people hold on firmly to their beliefs even if they seem unreasonable and irrational.*

Thereafter none of the schoolteachers dared to complain they were hungry any longer. Neither did they waste food any longer whenever they ate in the old couples shop – as thru their suffering of experiencing hunger pangs, even if they could not quite agree with the quirky ways of this old couple…at least, they could understand and even respect such views. As for the elderly couple, they too were advised by the man who lived on the hill to always remember before scolding others – not everyone has gone thru the Japanese occupation. So it is not reasonable to expect everyone to understand and appreciate the things they do.

Soon peace and harmony would reign again in the tiny farming hamlet.’

*Often it is very difficult and even impossible to convey to the younger generation, WHY the older generation appear to be so guarded about race and religion. I am not saying they are necessarily right or even justified to be paranoid about racial, sectarian and religious schism – not at all. All I am saying is I understand.

‘I understand.’ In this unusual case requires a bit of qualification. As it denotes that I don’t have a presentist attitude when I talk about this subject. I am aware it has a dark history. And it is this awareness that translates into deeper understanding.

Because if I went thru that dark and tumultuous period of racial and political strife that once occurred and experienced first hand the horror of how brother turned brother – how in one blink of the eye, the world was turned upside down! Then in all probability, it’s conceivable I too would be similarly guarded about the subject of race and religion.

Do you see how in this case mere understanding is not nearly enough to understand. One would have to experience it vicariously with the power of imagination.

The problem as I see it is since there remains a very serious blank space in our history concerning this pricky subject. Because it is a taboo subject, it’s seldom ever discussed openly or even factually. Hence many of the young cannot experiencing it – so I happen to have quite a lot of sympathy for the youths of today when they choose to adopt a presentist attitude towards race and religion – nor do they know of the horror when things go wrong either. To them it will always be somewhat of an abstraction. So when you speak to them about race and religion in the context of preserving the peace, it’s really like talking about the subject of snakes in Norway. The bloody thing doesn’t exist in their psyche at all. They don’t have any terms of reference to appreciate what is at stake, let alone string out a coherent train of thoughts. Hence! They seem to be more interested in forwarding the idea of freedom of speech. This I can understand as well – and I don’t think it’s necessarily their fault either when they don’t understand.

After all how can they possibly understand when those who know choose to keep quiet? There lies the paradox along with the tragedy between those who know and those who don’t.’

Some people will say Amos Yee ng chye see (he dunno the consequences of his actions) that is why he needs to be taught a lesson. Then there are others who will say, the state is making a mountain out of a molehill and has really gone too far.

Who is really right and justified?

I guess the answer would depend on what you believe in and how you regularly make sense of the known world.

Personally, I don’t believe it is possible for both camps to see eye to eye on this matter as the divide is so great and covers so many levels of human understanding on what is right and wrong.

It’s best to agree to disagree respectfully.


‘An agreement to disagree to me is not an admission that I don’t have the dexterity of mind or tenacity to work things out. That if you think about it is a very egotistical attitude. That is precisely why I believe disagreements can so often escalate into hatred and bitterness between two people who are unable to see eye to eye – they have both invested too much of their ego into their respective positions.

Once the ego is set aside. Suddenly the realization dawns on one….I don’t need to necessarily agree with you to either like or respect you. Study this well. As this is especially true of contentious subjects where agreement and resolution is difficult to reach such as religion, politics and food.’

These days by just putting the word personal before any service product. It’s a guaranteed seller. Take your pick anything and everything from personal banking to personal training.

I guess the appeal of PERSONAL anything with the possible exception of means it’s customized to your specific needs. It’s the direct opposite of one size fits all and definitely goes against the law of average service.

The allure is obvious. We all like to be treated special. We especially like it most when others take the trouble to go the extra mile to make life grief free and user friendly.

Well I am lucky. I happen to have a personal weather bureau. Much more reliable than that hit and miss weatherman on TV who tends to generalize whole swathes of continents. Birds are very sensitive to atmospheric changes. They can even smell the electrically charged nitrogen rich rains for miles away – this morning when I woke up, they were all out in full force. In a while it began to rain.


‘Often the greatest pleasures of life is right before our very eyes. Yet often we are conditioned to remain blind, deaf and dumb to it’s awesome beauty. Because the world has successfully programmed our minds to equate happiness only if we are running around like agitated protons and spending money buying the things that we don’t really need. That is HOW the world teaches man to be happy, buy, buy and buy. Thereby perpetuating the cult of materialism and world greed.

Not very long ago, I came across a lady from the city who was visiting her relatives in the kampung. After dinner when we were sitting on a bench, the woman turned to me and lamented there is nothing to do in the kampung – she was walking back and forth, checking her smart phone every two seconds and complaining there are no sights and sounds to titillate her senses. No exciting stimuli to set her heart beating like a drum. After her lament, this lady said to be, ‘I am so unhappy here. I can’t wait to return back to the city! how do you survive here?’

It was then that I asked of this agitated lady who seemed to be winding herself up into a foul mood – why are so unhappy? Do you have third stage cancer? Are you on the top wanted list in Interpol? Is the FBI hunting high and low for you? Have you been remanded to block 7 of IMH?

Soon she sat next to me and since my nature is calm and slow. This lady began to listen….in a while she broke the silence again and asked, ‘what are we supposed to listen too? I don’t hear anything at all!’

That was when I said to her, ‘silence cannot be heard, cannot even be felt, one can only experience it’s sublime beauty.’

Seeing my kids soon!

July 7, 2015

RSCN3398My kids have somehow managed to get it into their young heads that papa is a secret agent. That’s why he’s never in Singapore. They seem to like rummaging through my bag in the hotel room. From time to time, one of them will hold up an electric toothbrush or shaver asking me aloud, “what is this papa?” I look at it and say toothbrush….shaver….camera. Only for the them to ask again….”but what is it really papa?” As if its something else that only secret agents would know about.

My oldest turn to me after finishing a bed time story. My kids love my stories. They love it so much we all seem to over shoot sleep time by at least a full hour. His face is now serious and he ask “why do you have to be away from us all the time papa? Why can’t you be with us all the time and tell us stories like before?” I don’t answer him. Instead I smile and look down.

Darkness 2015



The greatest virtue that a man can ever cultivate in his life time is to have the wisdom to bring out the best in others. Because that requires the highest level of thoughtfulness.


‘There is no such thing as a good or bad person. Banish that black and white concept from your head. The way of the REAL world is not so straightforward, it is not binary, one is not functional or dysfunctional, crazy or sane, switched on or tuned out, wicked or saintly, miserly or charitable, big or small hearted, wise or stupid etc etc etc.

At times even a ‘good’ man who all considers beyond moral reproach can often be responsible for evil deeds and cause much suffering to others. At times a man who everyone considers bad is also capable of the most humane of deeds.

In the life of a man, there are really only thoughtful – (good) and thoughtless (bad) deeds.

Why is this simple yet often under acknowledge fact so important for everyone to know – because when we ascribe labels of good or bad on a person and usually we can only see ourselves as good and righteous – then the mind experiences a sort of death and we no longer see the need to audit our thoughts, actions and deeds. We cease completely to be thinking beings because we believe, we are good. We stop interrogating ourselves and worst of all this lazy attitude is the opposite of mindfulness, hence we can only cause suffering to ourselves and others without even realizing it.

Recently I asked of a woman who has the bad habit of complaining publicly that her husband never seems to remember her birthday. Why do you derive so much perverse pleasure from setting up your husband for failure – why do you always sabotage whatever little happiness that comes his way. I went on to tell this woman, it is not that your husband deliberately forgets your birthday, anniversary or any other important dates. Rather life in a plantation for farmer is very different from life in the city – there are no milestones of time and space and it is a matter of profound indifference as to whether it is Sunday or Monday or even the Christmas Day. A man or for that matter ANY man can easily lose himself in this featureless litany. As everyday seems to unfurl with so little worldly references, so I told her – when your birthday nears, why don’t you subtly remind your husband that your birthday is just around the corner. And while you are at it, why don’t you remind him of his birthday as well. As he probably forgets his own birthday and not only yours. She took my advise and soon she discovered that her thoughtfulness also had the effect of making her husband thoughtful as well. As he never forgot her birthday again.

On another occasion. I came across a suicidal girl who came to my lands to end it all, because she could no longer take the cruel taunts and jibes of the thoughtless villagers and even her own thoughtless parents and relatives who often teased her about the size of her big feet. All of them were not aware how making fun of her big feet had pushed this poor and suffering soul to the very edge.

When I asked of this girl why she wanted to end it all – she looked sullen and eventually showed me her Yeti feet. I told this girl, this is the most beautiful pair feet in the whole world. I went on to show her Youtube videos of cars with big tires and mentioned, her large feet looked exactly like the oversized tires of my land rover. I even shared with her an intimate revelation – if I had the opportunity to start life all over again – my dream would be to marry a girl with land rover feet like hers.

As not only would she be able to help me in the field by carrying fifty kilograms bags of fertilizer with such blessed feet. But if I am bitten by a snake. I am sure she could carry me as well with the surefootedness of a mountain goat – in the way a landrover is able to climb hills in practically every possible weather condition. I would never have to know the grief of getting stuck in the mud ever again…as with this wonderful feet on my side…I would certainly conquer the whole world like Genghis Khan.

Thereafter I knelt down and kissed this girl’s feet and then stood up and told her in a fatherly tone, ‘heaven has smiled on you by blessing you with land rover feet. Please do not be so thoughtless as to see a blessing as a curse.’ I went on to share my prophecy with this girl, all she had to do was to wait for the right man who had the wisdom to appreciate such beautiful feet to show up and poof! She would be married.

Thereafter the girl abandoned all her suicide plans and soon she would be heard boasting proudly to all the villagers, ‘the man who lives on the hill all by himself says I have the most beautiful feet in the world like those of a land rover that can go everywhere.’ In that moment when this girl experienced a perceptive shift, suddenly the yoke of her life long shame had been lifted and true to my prophecy. Shortly thereafter a tractor man from a nearby village heard of the woman who is blessed with land rover feet, this connoisseur of big feet and big tires who appreciates heavy machinery and their extraordinary ability to transverse across hostile terrain eventually asked for her hand in marriage and even offered a handsome dowry of two acres of prime land thereby breaking the village record for dowries.

Try always to bring out the best in others by practicing thoughtfulness – as life is so very brief and short. You are just here for a blink of an eye in the chastening passage of time, so try to measure your life with the number of hopeful smiles you can inspire in others. If you cannot do this or you are unwilling to do so, then keep quiet and do not make things worse for others….be thoughtful always.

Often it is said, to make the world a better and happier place, we need to fight and protest, but these days I am not so sure any longer…maybe the true way to make the world a better place is to work on ourselves first and allow the goodness to come out from within and touch others….maybe….just maybe this is the way.’

There used to be a time. Not so very long ago. When it was very important for me to set the record straight that I am right….justified….or not at fault etc etc. But these days, such concerns seem almost trivial and even a waste of time.

You want to win an argument? Go ahead, take the whole pie! You want to be right? OK, you a right…take it all! So on and so forth.

I no longer see the need to embroil myself in this time wasting activity any longer. I guess it’s easy for others to see this attitude as a form of resignation that smacks of ‘I don’t care.’

The irony is I do care that’s precisely why I no longer see the point of putting my case across forcefully these days – I care deeply about how often this just brings out the very worst in me to a point where I can’t even trust myself any longer to say and do something that I would not regret latter.

But most importantly I figured out despite the great diffusion of energy, all I am really doing is feeding my insatiable ego and that’s just incredibly dumb. Because that’s like shoveling coal into the mouth of a smoldering volcano!

These days whenever I am tested. I take comfort in Ruyard Kipling’s poem ‘if’, which I find reflects the pathos of this new attitude,

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!

Source: A Choice of Kipling’s Verse (1943)

I guess what the poet is trying to say is very often we have the power within ourselves to fashion either heaven or hell on this earth. To live the way we really want to live.


‘When you live alone like me and you have no one to blame for the things in your life that may go wrong. It can be incredibly humbling. It can also be brutally revealing as well – as you’re compelled to look inwards for answers most of the time. And very slowly at some point, the awful realization will dawn on you that you simply cannot take life too seriously.

Not if you want to be happy, not of you don’t want to be miserable and grumpy all the time. That’s what living alone teaches you – since there is no audience, but yourself. At some point you will come face to face with the person who always holds you back and brings out the worst in you….yourself…specifically, your ego.

Once you cultivate a relationship with your alternate self and get to know Mr Ego better.

You will soon realize he’s messed up lah. The only thing he’s good for is for spoiling the whole mood of the day which would otherwise have passed as a memorable and happy day. For one he’s super sensitive. Quick to loose his temper. Quicker on the draw when it comes to looking for trouble in others even when it’s all occurring in his head and not really there.

The story of Mr Ego is really only about himself… can never be about the bigger picture, other people or their well being, the grander scheme of things, the long term…it’s all about him and only him alone.

From what I am able to make out, he just works himself into frenzy over nothing, if it is not this, it’s that, if it’s not that person, it’s that incident, or because of something someone said or did.

That sort of prompted me to ask of myself – So what are you going to do thru out life? Outsource your happiness or misery based on whether someone who you hardly know or care to know pisses you off, doesn’t treat you right or tries to take a bite out of you?

Bear in mimd. You’re all alone. There’s not a soul for miles. You might as well be on the surface of the moon…there you are watching day after day as Mr Ego makes a bloody fool of himself before you. You’re just watching him.

Then suddenly it hits you like a diamond bullet straight between your eyes – you don’t need him in your life any more than you need stage three cancer of the liver, a abusive relationship or to be hooked on crack.

He’s poison to the soul. He’s no good. You’re better off alone all by yourself….and that’s the very point of inception when you are reincarnated as a new man. This time without Mr Ego.

It took me many years of living alone all by myself to reach this understanding about who I really am and what I am all about. Maybe to find oneself, one first needs to be alone….’


There is an evil weed that is smoldering everything in it’s path where I turn the wheel of life. To combat this alien invasion. I plan to use my army of good weeds to wipe out this other evil weed. The logic takes it’s cue from poison cures poison.

Most farmers in my region are mounting a chemical war against this alien invasion. They will fail.

Often to win decisively….one needs to know everything there is to know about the enemy. I have spent many hours studying this evil weed. There is nothing about it that I do not know about its weirding ways – it has a brain and is capable of strategic capabilities that makes it virtually impossible to wipe out – the more you try to kill it, the more voracious it becomes….only another weed with a superior brain can kill this evil weed.

All these foolish farmers will do is end up getting sucked into an expensive, time consuming war of attrition where they will find themselves embroiled in a vicious arms race where finally they have to resort to super powerful herbicides that will end up killing themselves and poisoning their lands for the next 1,000 years.

I am not going to way….I will go the other way…my way. Besides if I share this knowledge with them, all they would do is label me crazy. That’s the way it always pans out….so I am going to do it like a Mossad secret agent.

When I first got hold of the seeds for this good weed. I could tell this species is not easy to grow. It’s classed as experimental. The shell coat is hard like plastic, nothing that I have ever seen before. I know it required special treatment to prompt it grow, but since very little information exist in the internet concerning it’s cultivation. I have no idea how to do this. So I had to start from scratch.

In the first batch of 500 seeds. Not a single one germinated successfully. Thru out a two week period I worked feverishly often without regular meals or sleep. All in all 120 experimental batches were sowed. Most of them failed…not a single success….except one batch when my dogs mucked up the yard one day and by kicked river sand over one particular batch.

That makes sense as river sand is granular and not angular and facilitates assist root cannalling.

This one batch germinated and prompted me to use river sand as the medium.

Now my germination rate is close to 80% to 90%. I have finally cracked the Da Vinci code.

Now I must build an army of good weeds. I do not have much time. The rains will fall in two months time, when they do – I will plant them thru out my land and soon they will take over the landscape. The end result. I save on cost, labor and time since I no longer need to buy expensive and dangerous herbicides and most importantly since this good weed is able to draw nitrogen deep from the ground and bring it up to the surface to nourish the palms, my land will always be very rich and fertile.

I am very happy.

People who are different will always be misunderstood. That is part and parcel of life when people who are different try to live with others who are all the same. Frequently when misunderstandings occur, they will always be taken out of context and blown out of proportion – that is because people who are all the same invariably see the world ONLY in THEIR own way and never the way of people who are different.

That is why till today, there is such a huge irreconcilable divide that continues to separate people who are different from those who are all the same. Because all books, knowledge and methods to manage people who are different are ALL conceived by people who are all the same on HOW people who are different should best live, work and play in a world where everyone is the same.

No where, except HERE in this blog will you ever hear anyone of authority, education and stature advocating the idea that people who are all the same are REQUIRED to learn how to live in peace with people who are different.

Usually people who are different from people who are all the same…have to bear the onus of learning to live in peace with people who are different. If they don’t. So society feels justified to punish them!

And there you have it….the problem right in the palm of your hands.

This is the skeleton key that will allow you to open the door to wisdom on how to manage people who are different and those who are all the same. So that they can live together in peace and harmony without misunderstandings.


‘What after all is a social norm, but the imposition of an expectation on how you should behave under a given set of circumstances. Understand this! That is all it is, nothing more or less. It’s a 50 cent word. No da Vinci code there. No mystery even.

Why is this deeper understanding of what is a social norm so jugular? Because I want to convince you if you happen to be different or have family members who are different this will allows you to set the social norm. Yes you have every right to set it! And sometimes, it’s not a matter of choice. YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SET IT, IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE!

During the moment of my youth for example, the prevailing social norm was for other kids to beat me up whenever they saw me. I am not talking about a one to one fair and square fight – usually it’s fifty to one and the social norm then was for adults to regard this matter casually as a socially acceptable pastime for ‘normal’ kids to treat the village dunce.

So one day I went to nearby warehouse in the port and hypnotized two giant sized Alsatians to break out and bribed them with curry puffs to bite the shit out of the ring leaders.

After that incident the social norm in my neighborhood and beyond was every kid left me alone and the other aspect of that new social norm was every parent was expected to teach their kids never to lay a finger on me. If they broke this social norm, then they will have to contend with the Chow Yuen Fatt replacement killers of the canine world and learn get by with 250 stitches or a six month stay in the hospital with a tube sticking out from one side of their mouth or both. That was my rudimentary understanding of strategic balance of power in the context of conflict management then and it proved to be so effective, it set the tone for the rest of my adult life. That is why today, I consider dogs more trustworthy than humans.

That is my point. You may not have the power to pass a law in parliament to set in place a social norm for the whole country. Nor do you have the power to convene an emergency meeting in the UN to pass a special resolution to set a social norm for the whole world. But you could just as well do this with your family members, close circle of friends and even those within your community and if you happen to be an enterprise owner you can also set the social norm for your internal and external customers as well.

The governing logic is not so different from stepping into my plantation. The moment you do so, by default you step into my world and your world melts away – and automatically, the onus shifts and you now bear the burden to buy into my beliefs and what I consider important, your norms and expectations are secondary to mine. To put it bluntly they don’t exist at all. Not in the four corners of my world at least. Here I control every aspect of how you should behave to X, Y or Z circumstances.

Since the profit motive features, your goal to materialize a profit will allow me to impose my understanding of the world on you. If you don’t like it – then it’s a free market and you are free to go elsewhere. But there is of course the penalty. You don’t get my business. You lose an opportunity to turn a profit and since it’s my habit to pay premium since I like things to be done my way. The loses are considerable enough to make walking away a very painful business proposition.

My point is I don’t ever need to conform to your norms. The onus is ALWAYS on you to conform to what I regard as normal.

This ability to shift the onus to the other person or community is the key.

This is the only way people who are different can live in harmony in a world where everyone is the same….by creating their OWN world within this world. All other ways just sound good, but since they are proposed by people who are all the same, they cannot be effective….as it will always be different strokes for people who are different.’

If you are different from all others. Then you are different and should simply accept it. After all being different is hardly an affliction. Not at all. Neither is it anything approaching a character flaw. You are just different.

The problem is when people who are different try to fit into an organization where everyone is exactly the same. That is where the problem comes in, as people who are all the same will always try to shape you to be exactly like them. But since you are different just as some orchids can only be purple and not red or yellow and you can never successfully change yourself to be like everyone else – and even if you can do so, there will always be some residue of who you really are that will always mark you out as different.

The people who are all exactly the same will always see people who are different as a threat. They can’t help it, don’t take it personally. That is how they have been programmed. It is, what it is. Otherwise they would be different like you and not like everyone else. Hence they will always make life miserable for people who are different.

That is why if you are different. You have to absolutely be your own enterprise owner or work with your siblings who run their own enterprise. There is no other option.

This way those people who are all exactly the same have no choice but to play by your rules. If they don’t, since you are the boss you can turn the tables around and accuse them for being abnormal and pack them off to block 7 of IMH.

That is what I always advise parents who have kids who are different – don’t spend your precious time, energy and opportunity to fashion him or her into someone who is like everyone else. All you would end up accomplishing is setting him up for the epic fall and lotsa grief. Instead just accept that your child is different and work towards creating a world within the world that brings out the very best in his difference.

Many have acted on my words of wisdom and they are very happy today. Because this way they can sleep soundly.


This is not too much to ask of the custodians of power. A bit of sensitivity and understanding when dealing with this matter would certainly go a very long way to palliate many of the fears and anxieties of parents who have and may have autistic children.

As from what I am able to see so far – this seems to be sorely lacking so far.

Normally in a civilized and functional society, leaders would step forward and highlight the need to manage this matter delicately so as not to cause undue fear and anxiety to take hold in parents who have and may have autistic children.

But since in Singapore in my humble opinion, the ‘leaders’ have no balls and probably the emotional quotient of a garden gnome. None have stepped forward to say what needs to said in a timely fashion. It seems they know which side of the bread is buttered and prefer to look the other way.

That to me is not only a failure of leadership. It is tantamount to dereliction of duty that forfeits all manner of respect one usually accords to leaders.

If you want to take issue with me, go ahead, I happen to be rich. Besides I live a very spartan existence and for most the time – I don’t even know what to do with my largesse. I guess should it come to that, I can easily sell a few acres with remarkable ease and fight you in court till the end of time. Besides it’s a great opportunity to be able to wear my killer Zegna suit again.

Coming back to Amos Yee. Want to punish. Go ahead. Do what you like. Not that I really care! Only like I said, be considerate, sensitive and mindful of the broader audience of leveraging on the term autism as a means to an end. Do not for example use an atomic bomb to control pest, only to end up creating 1,000 bigger problems that will come back and bite you in the ass. Do not prescribe a cure to solve a problem, just to create a thousand diseases. Do not make yourself justified at the cost of causing fear and anxieties to take hold in others.

In my opinion you, the custodians of power have no right to do this!

As I said, normally such advise is unnecessary for those who so often claim to be accomplished practitioners of statecraft. But in this case I have plenty of reasons to harbor serious doubts along with reasons to say what needs to said, but is not said.


‘Mother nature is incredibly fair and democratic. Take it from me. I should know best. As I am a farmer. Nature is my office. Granted! May not seem so, if your pao peih happens to be autistic. Not in the beginning or even the middle at least. Seems more like a curse than blessing. But that is only because he or she hasn’t discovered his superpowers yet.

Yes…superpowers. That is at least what we the brotherhood call it. I don’t expect you to understand. How could you….it’s a vampire thing that only vampires can feel deep in the marrow of their bones and be one with….superpowers. Only remember what I said in the beginning – nature is incredibly fair, that’s to say what she takes with one hand, she gives with another.

In the moment of my averagely miserable youth – one image seems to stand out as a symbol that I was different from all other boys. The image of a boy standing bareback with cane stripes on his back during PE as the rest of the boys and even the teacher looked in a circle. They whispered to themselves, ‘he’s naughty that is why he was canned.’ The rest chanted, ‘naughty boy….naughty boy.’ I did not understand. I could not. Maybe the technology was no good then when it came to managing people who were different, maybe they just feared. I don’t know.

In middle school when one of my teachers discovered that I had the unusual habit of talking to trees – she pleaded with me to hide what she described as my affliction from the world. She went on mention, they will lock you up and throw away the key if they knew….she was in love with me which I assumed to be quite normal then. They were all raptured by me in one shape or form. Women, that is. All in all, I received a grand total of 27 marriage proposals all couched in peculiar terms which first required me to grow up. All to which I responded with the earnest promise of future matrimony and felicity provided ‘my dearest’ continued to fuel my voracious fetishizes for farming toys and comics. As since I looked like a cute manga comic character with my huge expressive liquid eyes and button turn up nose. I was able to step into even the most hardened hearts which included bad tempered spinsters, cantankerous women who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and frigid ladies with nervous dispositions who had a tendency to faint under the slightest provocation.

Had it not been for the singularity of the superpower of five chili cuteness, it’s unlikely that I would have made it to my teenage years with my arms and limbs along with unmentionable body parts intact.

As there were really so many incidences brought forth by my ‘afflictions’ that got me into a fix only for one of my many admirers to whisk me away to safety!

My other superpowers included being able to talk to animals, especially dogs who every kid in my neighborhood had a tendency to harbor a morbid fear of. There were many occasions when my four legged friends were the only ones who stood between me and the lynch mob. Again they would whisk me away just in the nick of time. I even once brought down a branch the size of a transformer forearm on my PE teacher who often caned me for no reason – he should have heeded my prophetic warning when I once told him after a canning, I have friends in high places who can fix you!

In adulthood due in part to my extraordinary paramour of nature. I limited my search to only occupations that dealt with natural products. I worked in a cocoa factory. I was described by my superiors in polite terms as a worker with ‘uncanny abilities which to the best of their knowledge was incomparable, valuable and strategic…’ As by just holding a couple of loose beans to my nose. I could tell how it was likely to machine to the point of even highlighting what would go wrong along with how best to deal with the problem. The management both feared and venerated me as they regarded my knowledge as the upper reaches of arcanum which they could only dream of aspiring to if the had ten lifetimes. For those who dared to challenge me. I would either bully or humiliate them publicly into submission. I was ruthless. As since I had the superpower of photographic memory – I could rattle off reams of incomprehensible mind boggling data to illustrate their lack before their line managers which usually provoked the same response on every occasion, ‘are you by any chance interested in his job?’ To which I would vacillate and respond with a cryptic grin and skip away. Hence they all left me alone. I was considered highly flammable and in every sense dangerous. An unknown quantity. An aberration that needed to be tolerated within the system. Besides my bosses seem to accept or at least do a good job of pretending to accept many of my quirks which involved regarding Monday as an extension of Sunday and not even bothering to turn up for work to reading newspapers in meetings. In my other job where I worked in a tobacco plant. There again my extraordinary powers proved useful as well. As by just rubbing my thumb and index finger to feel the texture of a tobacco leaf – I would literally speak to me and I could even predict the expected yield for the whole production month based on such a cursory assessment to an accuracy of plus / minus two percentile points. To the best of my knowledge I remain till this date on record, the only worker in the history of these multinational firms who has the ignominious record of being able to walk right out of a meeting or being caught napping underneath my table on numerous occasion without ever been censured so much as once with either a warning letter or the threat of dismissal. Did I mention…most of my bosses were women.

Whenever people would try to control me or hammer me into shape. As HR termed it prosaically ‘as necessary for the common good,’ which to best of my knowledge is just corporate parlance for dabbling in a spot of witch hunting. Usually I would simply clamp up like a oyster and preoccupy myself with ever more inventive ways to sleep on the job. While the whole plant would soon be beset by so many high blood pressure inducing problems that someone of authority and stature in the organization would have to beg me to speak again usually with lashings of bribes that involved off days and training courses that allowed me the opportunity to see the world free and easy. To the best of my knowledge that was my understanding of détente and strategic balance of power.

And finally when I got bored of imitating the glorious life of the proverbial hamster that runs on a wheel that goes nowhere in Singapore. I decided to turn the wheel of life as a businessman and enterprise owner in the guise of a farmer. Again I have no equal. As I am in every practical definition of the word – the best farmer in the world! These days, I work only under my own terms, strictly for pleasure.

The funny thing is these days. No one ever thinks I am weird any longer. Which I can only respond to with upmost curiosity and tinge of regret I might add as that’s bloody weird! Could well be my temperament that has often been described as, ‘quietly dispossessed like the silence in the eye of a storm.’ Or perhaps my prediclition to remain ambivalent whenever everyone gets excited. Or maybe it is merely the sanctifying power of money. How ironic!

Truth is, they all just think, I know best since he’s the one with an unbroken record as the highest yielding farmer in the region. Not even if I ask of others to do the weirdest things in the world do others baulk at me any longer these days, which is somewhat regrettable as I so do miss terribly the feeling of estrangement – like recently during a formal field presentation when I asked the speaker to rearrange his presentation backwards! The rest of the planters simply looked quizzically at each other and after a while of murmuring some the rest of the planters said, ‘yes, do it backwards….it makes more sense that way! He’s right! While I thought to myself, ‘that’s so peculiar and weird man!’

Maybe I’ve managed to successfully create my own world within the confined of this corseted and parochial world against all odds to enable me to fashion my version of reality. That is certainly conceivable. Or maybe like I said earlier it’s vampire thing….it is, I reckon. A understanding of sorts.

But one thing is clear as day and you should always remember is….nature is incredibly fair…she is…as what she takes with one hand, she tends to give with another….and if you happen to be different like me….you just need to learn to accept and make the best of it……believe and above all have faith!’


This is big foot. She is a one and half year old Doberman. Big foot has a nasty gaping wound on her hind leg. It’s hard to say what caused it, could be a snake or monitor lizard bite. But I know if it’s not treated promptly it’s fatal.

Fortunately I caught it just when I was about to leave for the city. Dogs are give out cues when they are mortally wounded – they go to one corner curl up as if they know their ticket is up.

I’ve had to cancel the city trip to take care of big foot. I am sure many people in the city would be disappointed, but it is what it is.


Mabel and her two pups are new members in the pack. She is a cross breed. They are city dogs so they need to be slowly broken in to life in a plantation. That’s why I tied a float around her – this will create a sound whenever she struts around and send off warning sounds to predators. In a plantation dogs need to trained to survive, otherwise they wouldn’t last a week. As for the pups. One of them, I have named Bo Bo. As she is an invisible dog that only seems to appear uncannily during meal times – most of the time, I don’t even know where she is. The other is still nameless.

They seem to be settling well into plantation life.