The free falling ringgit and the prospects of looking for a job in Singapore

August 5, 2015

If the ringgit keeps free falling. I may have to look for a part time job in Singapore.


If anyone knows of a job opening as a gardener or grounds keeper in Singapore. I would appreciate it if you could drop me a line. I am looking for a part time job that only requires me to work two weeks in a month. As I still need to take care of my veggie patch in Malaysia.

Since I am autistic. I much prefer it, if my job scope requires minimum interaction with people.

I don’t have any formal horticultural or agricultural based qualifications. But I have incomparable field experience in planting coffee, cocoa, sugarcane and oil palm. My knowledge in these described areas can be termed as impressive as they are comprehensive. I am able to supply testimonies. As I have pioneered many ways to optimized yield under conditions of resource scarcity. I have also dabbled a bit in ornamental plants and landscaping. I have often been described as over qualified in my formal field of education which I have no intentions of applying myself to, namely engineering, mathematics and heuristics specifically in managing a factory.

I work best in a structured environment with minimum disruptions, where the work flow is planned in advance, work flow routinized and is subject to as few changes as possible.

I prefer to work under minimum supervision. Usually alone. Just tell me what you want at the beginning of every month. Furnish me with clear and unambiguous terms of references. I will give you a completion date along with a report of what is needed to get the job done and keep you updated daily till final completion date. My record on quality, delivery reliability and conformance to the terms of reference is 100%.

Since I have renounced my evil ways. I don’t ever want to work in an environment where people like to spend their time back stabbing and politicking. If I am ever put in that sort of corrosive work environment, where people talk and do very little all day, it is likely that I will relapse back into my evil ways and probably end up in block 7 of IMH. I don’t want to go there or get in trouble with the law.

I prefer to report to a male line manager. I am sorry, correction…I insist. As past working experience informs me, women can be especially fond of me and like to talk to me for some explicable that till today remains an enduring mystery even to myself – even though all I want is to be left alone. Since I am autistic is it conceivable I may lead them on even when I have no intentions of doing so. I never want to get embroiled in scandals and controversy, Therefore I must insist on this work arrangement. In the past, I’ve got into plenty of trouble because I was not mindful of this aspect of my character.

I prefer to stay within the grounds of where I work. As I suffer from a morbid fear of crowds. My hope is my prospective employer would allow me to bring my dog along to keep me company. Should this arrangement be agreeable to my future employer. In consideration. I am open to the prospects of considering the added role as a night watchman without any extra renumeration.

My living requirements are basic and spartan. This is the way I am accustomed to living. I don’t have the bad habit of wandering out at night. Not even on weekends. I am by nature a very homely and quiet man who much prefers to past his time reading, listening to the BBC and playing the violin.

I am very fit and have 5% body fat and competent to operate and maintain heavy machinery such as excavators, tractors, grass cutters and industrial machines and the like. I am also an accomplished handy man who is able to weld, build structures to blue prints and can perform passable carpentry. I am also skilled in technical climbing which can be used to scale tall structures for maintenance and well versed in mountain rescue techniques of a very advanced category.

If anyone knows of a job opening as a gardener or grounds keeper in Singapore. Please drop me a line here.

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