There are so many men in a man

August 17, 2015

This morning I whispered into the ears of a very old and wealthy landowner who tried to force me to kow tow to his crooked consortium.

‘You boast so much about how much power and influence you have….but you cannot even control your bladder.’

This is necessary, as sometimes one needs to put the foot down forcefully to make a point – in this case, it is send a clear message, I am not a Mr nobody who I used to be.

When the old wealthy landowner registered my words, he got angry at first. Then as if he struck by some rare moment of epiphany, he fell sullen and soon into deep thought only to eventually say to everyone on the table.

‘Yes….you are right young and wise landowner….all things change and we must simply try our best to make peace with them.’


Often I am reminded there are so men in one man. So many lives in a single life.

For example. The moment a child is born. A woman awakens to motherhood. This new being never existed before. The woman yes, but not the mother….this is something new and all together very different from that other life. In this way, the woman experiences a form of reincarnation.

The same applies when a salaried man ventures into business. Once this man turns the wheel of life as a owner of his own enterprise. He too is reincarnated into something absolutely new. A new reality descends on this new man and the world that was his previous life gives way to new awakening.

When we understand that life is nothing more than a series of deaths and rebirths – then we will not feel sad when those around us begin to change.

When we are unaware of how things, people and situations can change, we can easily be confused and stumble upon anger and resentment.

That is only natural. As suddenly, we find ourselves in unknown territory, having to deal with this new reincarnated being – he or she seems to be like someone who we have always known all our lives, but suddenly we don’t know him or her any longer – and not knowing has the power of disturb. Worst still not knowing WHY or WHAT accounts for this change will cause us to feel sad, disappointed and regretful. We blame ourselves. Beat ourselves up. Ask, what did we do wrong? Or could have done better….all because we do not know this person who we have always known has experienced a form of reincarnation into another being.

To suffer in this way is unnecessary.

As when a man understands how things can only change with the chastening passage of time, then he too can learn to live with this change.

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