The contract girlfriend

August 24, 2015

Sometime back ago while wandering all by myself in the mall. I came across a very sexy girl who proposed to be my contract girlfriend. Since I have no idea what is a contract girlfriend. I asked of this girl what does this arrangement entail. The girl pouted out her chest and when on to elaborate with great enthusiasm, ‘one thousand and one heavenly pleasures!’

I remarked such an offer would be hard to turn down and promptly accepted the offer. The girl remarked, it would cost you. I simply expressed, good things are never cheap. The girl was ecstatic and she on to confide to me that she has been eyeing me for so long a time and instinctively knew that I was a man who she believed had the highest level of appreciation for the finest pleasures in life.

When I asked for the time and location of the restaurant. The girl seem perplex at first. Then as if seized by a sudden realization, she intoned, ‘Oh I see, you want to have dinner first.’ I added of course, that is after all the whole point of a one thousand and one pleasure experience…is it not?’

That was when she began to get flustered and said, ‘no, no….you don’t understand…I am going to give you a very good time!’

I said, ‘yes, you have told me that already, you are going to cook for me right?’

That was when the girl looked at me in a most perculiar manner for what I can only describe as a very long time. It was really a look of regret bordering on sorrow – only for her to eventually express in a regretful tone, ‘you are the strangest man in the world…may I ask, where do you come from…..that is most unfortunate.’

I don’t understand city folk at all.


‘That is how it truly is when it comes to the politics of desires, yearnings and wants. As long as the object of desire is missing from your life. You will yearn for it all the time….it will consume all your waking hours.

From time to time, you may say to yourself – if only I can have this one thing….my life will be complete…I will be happy and satisfied.

But once you get it, once that object of your desire is firmly in the palm of your hands to call yours. Suddenly it begins to lose its allure. Soon other wants begin to flit thru your mind again, other desires begin to command your attention again and bit by bit you are right back where you started only for the whole crazy cycle to begin all over again….this is the mad way in which the world has successfully packaged and marketed la dolce vita to the masses. This is also the way in which personal and organizational success is defined at every level of society. I call this institutional madness, only because it is often couched in a patina of sense and sensibility.

The funny thing is since everyone is into this mad chase – this crazy way of living has acquired all the semblance of normality, respectability and even what many consider to be the only way for to gravitate towards success.

This is also what invariably happens when a man is not mindful of the power of how worldly desires can so often lead him astray – he begin to do stupid things like invest his sense of identity, self worth and even raison as a human being to chasing meaningless and vapid things that will only take him further and further away from the truth.

This is the tragedy of modern life – it hardly requires much elaboration as many of the people who are trapped in this vicious cycle are in a needless state of suffering – simply because they didn’t bother to think thru what they want in life and most importantly write it down clearly in their heart and so soul. So is it so surprising, if some charlatan, confidence trickster or man in the TV who you hardly know comes along and writes it down for you and even manages to convince you, this is the life that you should be living….this is what will make you happy….along with the god of nonsense of what you should be grateful for etc etc that’s the crazy thing about life. Some people are so marinated into this nonsensical way of life, they can no longer appreciate the simple things that life offers.

To these people…happiness = money. They must spend money to be happy. There is very strong correlation between spending money and pleasure and the sad thing is, if this equation is missing in their lives…they will feel miserable…shortchanged….left out.

As a salaried man in Singapore. I can recount vividly a girl from accounts who had a habit of looking at me like some circus freak from the window, because unlike most workers I much preferred to sit in the small park outside the factory and eat my sandwich instead of joining the other loud workers who would usually drive out for lunch. One day this girl asked me, why are you so like that one? Only for me to ask of her, why are you so like that one? I went on to suggest to this lady who incidentally suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and had a habit of picking faults with everyone, she should sit beside me during lunch time and soon she too began to see the simple beauty in the birds and trees.

Do you all see for people like me it’s really not so different from a sane man having to live in a madhouse – sometimes I have to constantly remind myself, it is best to pretend to be mad like the rest of the inmates….because if I don’t, they will certainly me!’

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