Why some people will always be poor forever

August 31, 2015

Today a bunch of lowlives in the village asked me why I am rich and they are so poor. I told them quite plainly. I mind my own business, unlike them who seem to do very little all day except mope around the kopitiam wasting their lives gambling and gossiping about people who they hardly know.

I don’t ever waste my time doing stupid things like play games on my phone or masturbate six million times a day – every waking hour is spent on improving my land so that it remains high yielding and productive.

So how not to be rich?

Thereafter one of them challenged me to a fight. I beat the shit out of him.

End of story lah!


‘What instills real worth in a man is the quality of his labor. It doesn’t matter how high or low, educated or uneducated, rich or poor you are – you can be a minister. You can even work in the circus cleaning up after elephants 20 minutes after their meal…whatever…but you should at least do yourself a favor and strive to be a master in your craft.

Don’t look at your work as work. Because when you do that, it’s impossible to be excited and energetic…regard your work as a living thing like an art or craft – something that only you can infuse with verve and meaning.

Because if you can be excellent in what you do – people will always respect you and entrust you to do big things.

They may still say unflattering things behind your back, but because you are the man who can deliver the goods – you will command automatic respect! Along with a certain degree of fear. Your words will be weighty. People will not consider you a wish washy person.

But to pull this off! You must be mindful of one truism. In this world there are million of illusions along with false Gods that will prevent you from being the man who you always want to be. Do not cling to them! They are illusions. Do not allow them to cling to you like seaweed either. Otherwise they are likely to steal the best years of your life.

Be clear all the time about the type of people and things that come into your life. Do not just let anyone step into your life…be mindful…in the same way, remain mindful about things, especially those that you like doing or bring you happiness…as even those things can often rob you of your life.

Above all do not neglect your primary reality in life – that is to strive continually to be as close as possible to excellent in your chosen field of expertise.

See thru illusions like – you should care and bother what people say and think about you. Or you should chase what they chase and aspire to be who they want you to be…see thru all these illusions for what they are…the God of nonsense.

You don’t! Your life is your own – understand this! Understand it clearly! You will always be the master of your destiny – if you fuck it up! You have no one to blame but yourself.

You better learn this from a very early age and the sooner you upload this into your brain the better it is for you because it is the only reality that is likely to keep you in the long journey in life – no one is ever going to come into your life and make you rich and happy, except you. It all starts and ends with you. You will always be the major stakeholder in your own life. You are the CEO of who you claim to be. So you better learn to see your life in that sort of clear and unambiguous perspective.

Never spend your time being seduced by meaningless illusions.’

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