North Korean haircut

August 3, 2015

Yesterday my regular barber went on his annual leave. So I had my hair cut by another person instead. At some point, I must have dozed off…it was hard not to do so…as the barber shop is air conditioned. When I woke up, I realized, he had given me a North Korean hair cut. When I asked him why he didn’t give me my regular style. The new barber remarked, I only seem to be able to see you in this hair style.

Well that’s only to be expected from a five fifty ringgit haircut…neck break included.

Today a group of businessmen asked me whether Najib would be able to survive as PM. I merely intoned, ‘we live in interesting times.’


The forces rallied against PM Najib are very determined and organized. They are very well funded. To understand their motivation – one would do well to ask cui bono?

To me the 1MD scandal is merely an ikan merah, red herring. If it serves any function at all, it’s merely to rally the rakyat against many of the perceived inequalities that mire Malaysia.

Never confuse the lightning from the thunder.

In truth, there are many powerful vested interest who stand to lose everything, if Malaysia becomes a signatory of the TPP – they know only to well, if this comes to past, they are as good as dust on a windy day.

Hence these Malay oligarchs feel compelled to do everything and anything to maintain the status quo ante and to accomplish this Najib has to be removed from the reins of power. The stakes are incredibly high. So high that I doubt most Malaysians even know what’s really at stake. If they fail. They will no longer be able to perpetuate their class politics and hegemony over the economy. They stand to lose everything.

That is the way politics is conducted in Malaysia…it’s wayang kulit…shadow play, where what’s depicted bears so little resemblance to what’s really happening backstage.

As for the TPP, the average the Malaysian doesn’t even know what it is…to the average Ahmad, Muthu and Ah Kau, it’s simply a big abstraction and that can only guarantee the show will just go right on and on, till of course…when it’s time for the curtain come right down…business as usual.

That at least is how I see it.