The difference between good and excellent coffee

September 2, 2015

Only a mature mind can take constructive criticism confidently. That is why it is able to grow from strength to strength and attain a mature state.

An immature mind can never take criticism constructively. As soon as one criticizes, the immature person is likely to take it personally and become defensive and start justifying themselves.

That will always be the defining difference between a mature and immature mind.

The mature mind is naturally self assured, confident and at rest. Assured of his place in the world and very confident of his skills. So for this man, he is like a mountain, very few things can shake and unsettle him.

The immature mind is the complete opposite of the above that is why all immature people suffer from the habit of going round and round in big and small circles all the time while making a lot of noise, it is impossible for immature mind to grow organically. As since it’s nature is so heavily invested in the wrong place – the self… instead of fertile the plains of the mind, like in skills, knowledge and wisdom – when an immature mind is pushed. It can only fall like a bowling pin, it can never stand alone or be self assured.


‘In the bazaar in pointe noire in the Congo, Africa, many years ago, there once lived chinaman who every coffee trader revered and feared – the man had an extraordinary talent of revealing by just crushing a few beans and bringing it to his nose…where it was grown..what year…by whom and most important what was the price.

For years he raptured the price of coffee…controlled in even, thought he was rumored to be a wanted man with a bounty on hi head. An infamous gun runner along the Gambezi and a illicit trader of blood diamonds and ivory.

The traders in the bazaar all revered him as he was the Shahidi – the man who wore a creme colored panama and suit with a shouldered holstered revolver and moved around in an ivory colored Mercedes with a white woman – they all referred to him as ‘ouya’ , the wise one…the mysterious one.

One day he just disappeared. Never to be seen again.’

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