September 6, 2015

I don’t blame people if they don’t have faith in me. It must be incredibly hard for them to make head or tail out of what I am doing…harder still for them to understand what’s it all for….or even whether it’s worth it.

There used to be a time not so very long ago, when I would feel the compelling felt to explain the why’s along with how – but these days, I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to do so any longer.

It’s not ambivalence or that I don’t care any longer that accounts for my militant refusal to supply an account…as in truth even for me I can’t really be cock sure any longer…there are no guarantees….no certainties….no promise that it may all end well…or that I will not reach the end of the road without regrets.

I don’t ever want to make promises I can never keep or sell a dream that I know will never materialize….truth is things are just darn uncertain…so murky that at times I can’t even be sure any longer.

So I keep quiet.

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