Why does it con’t raining despite 2015 being a Godzilla El Niño year?

September 7, 2015

This is a question that has vexed me no end for the whole of this year…finally the answer. It’s just a scrap. Not much. But it explains many things that has been bothering me….now all I have to do is work around this assumption.


A typical El Nino creates a low pressure system above the eastern equatorial Pacific bracketed by high pressure systems on either side that reduce rainfall over important crop production areas such as India, Southeast Asia and Australia.

However, due to the Modoki El Nino, there was a low pressure system over the central tropical Pacific and a high pressure system over the eastern equatorial Pacific.

When the water started warming in the eastern Pacific there was a failure in the low pressure system to develop because the Modoki event had already put a high pressure system over that water.

That disrupted the normal chain reaction of weather events.

Once you screw it up with Modoki you screw it up for the rest of the world and we can’t have the same level of abnormal weather.

The Modoki event has gradually died out over the past six to eight weeks giving rise to more traditional El Nino weather patterns but it is has already missed the growing season in many areas of the world.

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