The boy who talks to trees

September 12, 2015

Early this morning I came across a knot of villagers wielding sticks hell bent on teaching a boy a lesson of his life. I stopped my car , strode up to the mob and demanded in the authoritative voice of a landowner, ‘what is the meaning of this?’

Someone in the crowd shouted out, the boy needs to be taught a lesson as he has a habit of fibbing…others added, he was scaring people with his weird stories. Then an old man shuffled up to me, held on to my sleeve and whispered, ‘the boy claims to be able to talk to trees.’

I demanded the villagers to take me to the talking tree which was five minutes away. When I stood before the old Chingay tree, someone exclaimed, ‘this is the bloody tree that the boy claims can talk!’

I looked on quietly and impassively, when another man was about to say something….I flashed him a stern look of rebuke and told the rest to keep very silent…shhhhhhhhhh….I went on to add casually, it’s impossible to hear what the tree was saying with all the ruckus.

At first everyone exchanged dumbfounded looks. Then gradually a spell of silence fell over the mob and soon one by one they loosened their grip on their sticks and began to listen to what the tree had to say, that was when I noticed, the boy who looked scared just then was smiling at me.

I winked at him.

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