Living in NOW!

September 13, 2015

It is very difficult to remain a sane person in this age. Simply because everything in and of this modern world, does so very little to encourage that sort of balanced outlook in life.

There are so many crazy people around that most of the time we don’t even realize they have lost the plot completely…that is the paradox of our age. Mass insanity has now been successfully sold and marketed as normality.

Look around you! Everywhere 24/7 someone is always trying to plant a flag in your brain. Buy this! Be that person. Look at me! Do I have your attention! Sign on the dotted line. Get that package. Come on board. Live your dream!

Can you see how so much of the way of the modern world is premised on heightening our feelings of inadequacy and lack….sharpening our sense of imaginary wants and desires…..that steers us to live either in the past or future…but never in most needful place…which is NOW!

Do you notice. No one ever sells you NOW! Because if anyone ran a business marketing NOW! They would have absolutely nothing to sell you and most probably end up bankrupt. So the marketing manifesto is always the case of – you need this or that to complete your life and make you happy….you need a six pack….a car…or whatever.

The only way to deal with this avalanche of over stimulation is to be mindful of the pull of the past and the future – that is because the past is no more. As for the future…you are yet to cross that imaginary bridge. So it is also a none event for now at least.

That leaves only one question – how do I go about living in NOW!

Do I forget the past? Do I psycho myself into a self induced state of amnesia? What about the future? How do I stop thinking about it? Do I suspend my powers of imagination? Or would it be better if I keep distracting myself all the time, so that I don’t need to think about the future?

The perceptive reader will by now be aware I am making a big deal out of HOW to live in NOW!

That is because I have noticed no one ever teaches another HOW to live in NOW! They all say live your life in NOW….and it all begins and ends right there. That is a bit like saying…go fish. But how do you even begin, if you don’t even know how to tie a robust knot that doesn’t work it’s way loose only to lose the fish?

So I will teach you HOW to live in NOW.

It begins by being a simple witness of your thought processes.

It is simply, witnessing the thoughts, passing before you. Just witness, do not strain yourself to understand or to even judge, because the moment you form a train of thoughts…even an opinion, you have already put one foot into the river of the past or future and lost the NOW. The moment you say “this I like, that I dislike,” you have already broken the magic spell of NOW.

Do not expect instantaneous results. That is not realistic. If you do that – all you are doing is setting yourself up for the proverbial fall. That is because the moment you take the position of the witness. Your mind will begin to turn against you by prompting you to take a position….form a judgement…so be kind to yourself and be patient. As it takes a little time to create a gap between being witness and watching what flits in and out of your mind. But once, you create that distance between the watcher and what goes in and out of your mind.

That’s the moment of enlightenment. That is the moment that you become for the first time in your life a new creation – who truly lives instead of just exist.


‘The past is just not the past. They are like very strong tensioned springs that should you jump on them…you will bounce into the present and even into the future. That is why so many people bring their past hurts, anger and resentment into a new relationship, job or enterprise. And in this way, they sabotage their own happiness, confidence and instead instill fear into a new chapter of their life. So as you can see, when I use the phrase, you live in the past. This does not mean you are thinking about your teddy bear that you used to have as a kid. When I use that term, I am referring to the state of mind that sabotages your success and happiness.

The same holds true for the future as well, it is not just a place somewhere ahead of the timeline – rather it too can be a solvent that corrodes your will power, confidence and belief in yourself – there have been many occasions when I have found myself feeling small before other men who seem to have accomplished more than me…only to find myself questioning endlessly…why have I accomplished so little in life?….why can I not be a better provider…father…etc etc. Do you see it too has teeth.

I am simply saying once we become mindful of the dangers of the past and future and how they can both conspire to undo us – that is power.’

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