Be respectful always to others…..Only

September 23, 2015

No one ever said striving to be your own man was easy. How can it be easy when one has to run the risk of getting overrun and losing everything. That is why most men prefer to settle to be other people’s men – they rather seat it out and let others fight, the good fight. Or take cover in the shadow of seemingly stronger men…they seek safety in numbers…they even cultivate the art of betraying themselves by fashioning themselves into merchants of convenience….they go with the flow.

Only understand this clearly! When a man shies away from the prospects of being his own man – he can only disappear into oblivion like a drop of red dye in a beaker of clear water.

A point will surely come despite his best efforts all he would have accomplished is to fashion himself into the invisible man….that amorphorous being that takes it’s cue from the capricious wind, where he is everywhere, yet no where at the same time. Worst of all he would homeless.

As for the man who strives to be his own man – only he will be standing in the sea of hollow men.

You don’t have to like or even agree with what he stands for. Infact you can even despise such a man and wish him perpetual misfortune for the rest of his days. Or choose like the many other hollow men to take comfort and solace by taking your place somewhere along the line to see the back of him…..but even you cannot deny.

He never once bowed to anyone….for he was always his own man.


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