The difference between the mature and immature man

September 25, 2015

Before his mind goes anywhere. The fully matured mind will always go inwards first – he will always go calmly into the nucleas of his being to seek what needs to be sought. That is the first protocol of a mature mind. It is the first preference.

Only then will the fully mature man respond.

However, the man who is yet to attain full maturity will never see the wisdom of seeking his own counsel first. Never! He will instead seek validation, approval and in certain cases even look around outside himself for answers to many of the questions bouncing around his head like a pinball.

When what appears to be the answer emerges from the outside (real or imagined)…..then the immature mind will be prompted to react. That is the first protocol of the immature mind – it is always looks outwards for answers…to others for confidence instead of the self, that is because the self is hollow and empty….so no answers can ever emerge from that empty room.

That is the defining difference between the mature and immature mind. The mature mind is like the great library, a temple of knowledge. As for the immature mind, it is a bare empty room.

The fully mature man knows – only when you know yourself, can you go anywhere else. As for the immature man, he will always be like a child and go wherever his mind takes him.

Research and study this well. Because if you follow an immature mind, you are likely to end up going round and round and ending up nowhere.’

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