Moving on with the haze

September 26, 2015

When it comes to the power and politics of the haze. You could be forgiven for believing that you’re an extra, cast in the satorial movie “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray.

If you happen to suffer from that all too familiar sinking déjà vu feeling concerning officialdoms reaction towards the haze – where you’re reliving the same event over and over again….join the rest of the N95 club.

Every year just around this time of the year…when the dry season presages the haze. Politicians trade barbs across the Straits. The same culprits are fingered. Mask are handed out en masse and when the haze dissipates everyone forgets about it and life returns back to the way it used to be….only for the whole scene to renacted again same time next year.

I realized like the movie ground hog day, the haze is not merely black comedy. If anything, it probably qualifies as a very powerful allegory of how life can resemble art, specifically – and how comparisons between the themes of the movie and our reaction to the haze reveals many parallel features, albeit also reverse motives.

In both narrative people find themselves in a repetitive gyre, where at first they feel the compelling need to do something…anything. Yet at the same time, they seem resigned to the situation in the way the main protagonist in the movie Bill Murray trudges along. They perceive reality through a double deception. Often grasping at straws, not of real things….rather things that only appear real only because there is no graspable solution within reach. That perhaps accounts for why there seems to pretended reality whenever politicians from both side weigh in on the subject of the haze – they all resemble comic figures who only resemble reality. Yet

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