A conversation today

September 27, 2015

‘Many people cannot understand. By this I mean they experience considerable difficulty understanding. But I can….yes, I can…I understand completely…some men are just dark.

Please! Don’t judge what I have just said. Better still refrain from forming an opinion…just understand what I have to share. Because as soon as you form an opinion, no matter how fleeting. Then you would have lost completely what I am trying to convey here. Worst of all your mind will run wild with all kinds of thoughts concerning my response to this subject of interest.

Only understand! It is YOU…who is running helter skelter with the power of imagination and NOT me. I for my part have simply said….some men are dark.

Now let those words sink into your mind like a heavy stone into still waters. No thoughts…no opinions…no judgement. That is not necessary, if you feel it’s requirement…again it’s NOT me who has imposed this on you…it’s you!

Like I said…I understand completely.

Some men are dark…very dark.’

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