Solving the haze 2015

October 1, 2015

If governments are really serious about the business of putting an end to the haze. Then miles and miles of canals need to be built. Rivers need to diverted. Land needs to be contoured. Firebreaks have to feature. To me these are non negotiable baseline actions plans and unless all this is at the very top of the ‘to do’ list, then I say, there is no basis whatsoever for a serious discussion…it’s just masturbation. Otherwise I can assure you 100%, there can no intelligent basis to even enter into a discussion about how to put and end to this perennial problem.

One is just going thru the motions.

This if you notice is what politicians like to do, they like to waste time by passing the buck, issuing out meaningless statements that all amount to very little except making noise….that is why I rarely take them seriously, not even if they insist, they are serious.

All this stupid talk about using spy satellites to snoop on errand plantations. Water bombing hot spots with chinook helicopters. Sending out the fire brigade to the jungle…cloud seeding…that’s all child talk….sand box politics.

These people have no idea what the scale and magnitude of the problem….they are just pandering to the crowd when they say, we offer to help…like children, they cannot be taken seriously.

When these people begin a conversation with that sort of condescending attitude with me. I just stiffen my newspaper with a snapping action of the wrist and they know – this conversation is over.

To solve this problem, governments need to put very serious people at ground zero, specifically that variety of man, I term the frontier man… the problem with singapore is that sort of man no longer exist there. They are all now deep in the bowels of the Amazon in South America or in the forgotten parts of Africa seeking their El Derado.

Matilah Singapura!


‘Make a serious offer to a guild man for one thousand hectares concession for a 99 years lease, one one condition – he needs to help you build canals and I say you might have a real opportunity to to reverse the odds on the solving the haze problem.

As by doing that – you will have a man on the ground who can get things done.

For the last 20 years all efforts to formulate a prescriptive cure for the perennial haze at best amounts to reinforcing failure. I do not use the term, ‘reinforcing failure’ as a descriptive term. Rather I refer to it as a professional term that describes a total and complete failure of the imagination to gainfully approach this problem.

To solve the problem of the haze. There needs to paradigm shift by moving away from the blame game cum talk shop approach, where all you have is a whole lot of people who spend most of their time in an air conditioned room and who can’t even spend thirty minutes in the wild without scratching themselves to death and to reduce everything to the practical necessity of just asking a few questions. Such as,

‘Has the hotspots been surveyed? How many meters of canals will be dug at the end of X month? How many water locks will be built? How many cubic meters of earth will be moved from A to B? What is the quantity of men and material needed to accomplish such a feat?

As you can all see…this is a big undertaking, that is why there is a need to sweeten the deal with a profit motive…hence 1,000 hectares.

Even within our tiny community, only guild man can accomplish this – they have a 100% success rate in S.America and Africa, often requiring them to adapt and overcome very harsh conditions.

Like I said, things are already so bad that every year when the haze returns – all the politicians and decision makers seem to be doing is embodying the form of trying to solve the problem without the content – it’s long on talk and very short on the action list. Worst part is many of these people feel this is may well be a short term problem or that it’s not that bad and it’s conceivable that we could get used to it -but that’s what they all said, twenty years ago, ‘oh the Indonesians are just clearing their forest so that they can grow oil palm….once they start replanting, the haze will just go away.’ They said that of Sumatra. Now they say the same thing about Riau….but every year it’s burn baby burn.

So to me what needs to be done is to project into Indonesia. To establish beachheads where it’s possible to interdict the problem at source point, rather than to try to resolve this matter in some air condition ivory tower of courts or thru the talk shop of arbitration…that goes nowhere except in big and small circles.

The goal should be to create conditions where the rugged individual is motivated to go out, run an enterprise in the wild, in exchange for building canals to interdict forest fires instead of leaving it to mega dinosaur firms, who are so big – they don’t even know that people have set their tail on fire. That is why it must be so exasperating for policymakers and bureaucrats to get a handle on this problem. On one hand it seems most of the arable lands are in the hands of corporations, yet smallholders and even Mother Nature is usually flashed as the get out of jail card and this gets played out year after year.

And that will happen next year and the next and next as well. All because we don’t have enough frontier men on ground zero asking simple questions like,

‘How many miles of canals did we dig last week?’

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