It is a rare compliment to be called a barking dog

October 6, 2015

Politicians often suffer from the affliction of being thin skinned…so understandly. When others refer to be as ‘barking dogs,’they feel slighted.

Only let us all understand clearly – this stems from their own delusional appraisal of their own contorted understanding of their self importance.

But to a planter. A dog that barks is truly in his element – after all what use is a dog that doesn’t know how to bark? Let me put it another way, what use is a V8 Masserati, if it doesn’t even have the courtesy to roar to express the very essence of what it was orginally conceived for.

So yes, politicians who are belong to the ilk who are unaccustomed or uninitiated to how things must and should be – should at least have the consideration or at least pretend to, or to take take comfort that others hold them in high esteem to still refer to them as a dog that is capable of barking.

Barking dog you are…after all, what can you possibly do about it, except perhaps to accept the elemental nature of how you have lived your life….by the way, you can tell your boss…the TPP is dead…I just funded a lobby group comprising of farmers from every known quartet of the world to see it to where it really deserves to end up……the empire of the bones!


‘I have considerable influence in the planters world and for the last two years I have conducted my private clandestine operation to undermine the TPPA from within – mostly by scaring the shit out of farmers by mesmerizing and hypnotizing them all with my gloom and doom outlook – one reason why I have been successful is because so much of the TPP is ultra secret, which is good for me because no one can refute my hyperbolic assessment how it’s closer to perdition than salvation for people and planet….now my work is completed.

I am happy…as for those who are pushing this…I bet you all didn’t see this coming…well, well…there is always a joker in the pack isn’t it?

Better luck next time. Only bear this in mind always – it’s nothing personal, it’s strictly business. Let’s be realistic, there is no possible way in this day and age to believe for one moment anything that can affect 40 million people can ever be conducted in secret behind closed doors…to put in another way, you all fucked it up royally and you have no one to blame for your failure but your miserable and sad self.

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