The realpolitik of TPP

October 7, 2015

Nothing would give me the keenest cerebral pleasure other than to engage those who are currently promulgating the implementation of the TPP. Mind you! I say this with the highest measure of personal regret – simply because thus far all negotiations concerning the terms and conditions of the TPP are couched in what I can only describe as an incomprehensible iron curtain of secrecy.

Hence there remains is no possible way to intelligently engage the proponents of this so called ‘trade pact’ that will affect over 40 million people.

This should prompt us to ask. Is it ethically and morally right for these stakeholders to be excluded from all proceedings relating TPP?

That is a question that I feel should be best left to the perceptive reader to answer.

As for me since proponents of the TPP have very clearly decided at the point of inception to conduct all negotiations covertly…clandestinely…opaquely….behind closed doors…in such a manner to suggest there is no possible means for stakeholders to engage them either meaningfully or intelligently.

Then I say, why even bother with the whole idea of waging a gentlemen’s war?

Tell me if so much of what is the TPP is couched in secrecy. Then what precludes me from postulating…speculating..hypothesizing as well? What prevents me from embellishing, connecting and grabbing out rabbits from my top hat as well? Above all what is there to present me from stating categorically in the clearest possible terms to anyone who cares to listen – what may eventually come to past would be closer to perdition than salvation for people and planet.

So let us be so very clear and unambiguous that it leaves no possible room for either speculation or conjecture….it is the powers that be, who have set the rules of how this game should be played….as for me, I am just a simple farmer with his veggie patch.

And there you have it in the palm of your hands….realpolitik.


‘I am not against capitalism! I am not against free trade either. In fact I happen to believe these schools of thought remain the most reliable way for people to seek liberty, happiness and creates ideal conditions to lead a purpose driven life.

What I am against is the creation of a supra economic world order where the rich get richer while the poor continue to languish in a vicious cycle with no possible hope of upward mobility. No! I am not talking about Africans in some village where everyone eats mud pies. I am talking about Linda, a single mother who puts in twelve hour shift as a fitter in a factory in Detroit who has to raise a kid with leukemia….I am talking about Jimbo, a farmer in Nebraska who just put a downpayment on a John Deere tractor and whose trying his best to make ends meet. I am talking about twelve year old Abdul somewhere in the kampung who needs regularly doses of medication for his asthma just so he can play with other kids….only understand this clearly!

If ‘free trade’ means Linda has to pay ten times what she now pays just to keep her child healthy – if free trade means Jimbo the farmer needs to sell off his family plot because the so called free market can’t seem to work well enough to pay him a decent price for his yield and he can’t even put food on his table despite putting twelve hours a day in the field 365 days a year. Or poor Abdul has to be confined indoors during the haze because pharmaceutical companies have an iron clad monopoly that makes it impossible to seek alternatives in the form of generic drugs so that he can play like normal kids – then in my book, I say there is no ‘free’ in the trade’ in the TPP.

If anything for lack of a word that best describes this so called trade pact it is that other outcast pariah word – lebensraum!

Yes, it is a big word. However it is one that you should at least wiki up should you wish to understand where I am coming from – for it is not merely a word. Rather it is an evil school of thought that encapsulates within it’s parameter a whole range of nefarious designs which only serves to perpetuate the hegemony of the corporate class without having to add so much as one molecule of value to bettering the people and planet.

Tell me if you will – where is might this creation of new value reside when fat cat pharma corporations are allowed by virtue of the TPP to extend the life of their patents beyond what can only be termed as a reasonable period at the expense of the consumer?

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg….why? Because no is allowed to know the precise details of the what’s in the TPP. The only people who know, are those who belong to the hegemony and oligarch of the corporate class – and that’s like appointing Count Dracula as the CEO of the international blood bank!

The way I see it, these people are trying to construct a gravy train, where without doing anything new, they can continue to cream off at the expense of the consumer. So tell me how can that possibly be capitalism?

Last time I read Adam Smith, the whole idea of capitalism is you invent a better mousetrap and the world votes for it with their wallet!

If anything what the TPP proposes is the solvent of sovietization! Because that was precisely how the economic calculus used to be in the USSR, where the consumer had no such thing as a choice but to accept or do without.

That’s why I spend a lot of my time visiting forums in the internet giving speeches to farmers against the evils of the TPP. I am well known figure in every farming forum thru out the world!

Only understand this! The only reason why I have been able to do this is because the custodians of powers created the very conditions of that made it all possible with their secrecy…lack of transparency,..subterfuge…and what I can only term as the utter bankruptcy of their capacity to generate real value.’

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