Mr Koreana……the man of all seasons

November 5, 2015

Mr Koreana was accustomed to fulfilling the every man’s role everyone thought him to be. For Mr Koreana there was no actual duality or even contradiction between the person everyone believed him to be and the person he actually was. Even if he had the freedom to choose between the two, it’s very unlikely, he would have plumbed to be an actual definite person. His personal life testament seemed to all intents and purposes to be adequately summed up succinctly in his choosen allegory of how he wished to interact with the world….I trade coffee. Somewhere within the economy of those lines, Mr Koreana had always been comforted by the idea unlike the vast majority of men who seem to all suffer from a deep yearning to sharpen all of themselves into someone with a definable identity to prove to the world – they were their own man. Mr Koreana never suffered from such affectations that he could be anything except maybe coming to terms with the very idea that the sum of all that actually composed him was nothing more than a collection of contradictory potential someones. That idea had always deeply appealed to him….the very idea that there could be so many other men in a man. As that was really how he saw himself, as a man who had lived so many different narratives that he knew the length and breadth of each different man who all added up to make up his being.

Till of course when Miss D came suddenly into his life. Here was woman who demanded all of him and much more than he was usually accustomed to pour out to the world. Till then, he was content to take comfort in the idea, he was merely there for the ride – and somewhere between that sudden realization that things could never remain the same again and belief that he may have perhaps have finally find the real him amongst the many man who wandered in and out of his head.

Mr Koreana wondered to himself whether Miss D would ever be able to come to terms with the man who he really was…above all he hoped she would be able to love that man… he that was what he could never ever hope to do…love that man who was Mr Koreana.

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