Master and apprentice

November 12, 2015

For 4,000 space years secret knowledge in the brotherhood has been passed down thru a one to one mentorship program. The master is always mindful that if he strings it too hard..the string might snap suddenly. And all he would end up doing despite his best intentions and efforts is to demoralize the apprentice.

On the other hand, if it’s strung too loose….it will not play either. If discipline and intellectual rigor is not constantly maintained this will create a lag between theory and reality, it is only a matter of time before the apprentice will ask, ‘why am I wasting my time following this mad man.’

For everything to come together marvelously, the tension needs to be just right.

‘Be always mindful of the company you keep. Guard your mind always like a Praetorian. Because your mind is exactly like a plant. If you prefer to cultivate the friendship of shallow and stupid people because you are insecure around people who are smarter and richer than you. You will also end up shallow and stupid like them as well.

One day when you need your mind to shift gears to move….it will fail you. As a shallow and stupid mind cannot go uphill. Downhill can.

Similarly if you cultivate the friendship of only stupid people who talk all day about how to win in life by playing TOTO. Then you too will end up spending the best part of your life chasing the rainbow of meaningless numbers leading you deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of the mother of all stupidity.

Worse of all. You will lose sight of reality and spend most of your time thinking what magic numbers to buy to make you rich. Not realizing that the chances of winning stands at near zero.

In the same way, if you cultivate the friendship of stupid people, who talk no end about smart phones, Pokemon, false eye lashes, what color of dye to use for hair, what is the latest color for nails and how to photoshop the pictures you post regularly in Instagram…then you too will end up as a big fat nothing. The worse part is when you grow old. You will just be boring and lonely.

Same also goes if you spend all your time talking about football. You are likely to end up pear shaped and stupid.

Be clear…you are the CEO of your own personal branding as an individual. You only have one life. One opportunity to be the man or woman who you were meant to be…so make the best of it because the clock ticking.

Make significant connections! Do not fall victim to envy, resentment and anger just because other people are smarter and richer than you. Instead try to find out what is their secret recipe and if they have good habits that you admire, emulate and learn by observing them diligently.

As when you cultivate the company of serious men who have no time for nonsense and who are the true servants of the truth…if you do only this and nothing else in life.

Eventually you too will become a very serious man who is capable of doing very big things.

Everyone who reads my blog wins in life….this to me is not a coincidence. Not at all! If anything it is the highest expression of the meeting of minds!

This is wisdom. Research and study this well. And never tell proud and stupid people this. As once they know this. They will no longer be stupid….keep them dumb. As when a person is dumb, he is his worse enemy.’

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