Rich and poor people

November 13, 2015

Rich people are all incredibly smart in their own special way. If they are stupid. They cannot possibly be rich. Not for very long at least.

People who are poor seldom ever think imaginatively about WHY and HOW rich people managed to accumulate their wealth. Frequently, they fall into the misplaced belief – rich people are not so different from them and the only distinguishing factor is, they are just lucky.

This misguided understanding of rich people misleads terribly.

As when you examine the lives of rich people carefully…they all have something very unique and special about them that accounts for why they are so different from all others to enable them to do what they do so very well….make money!


‘If you want to be rich. There is no need to upload Robert Kiyosaki or Stephen Covey into your head. That is optional to me. Why would you want to do something as complicated as that when there is a far easier and more effective way to get to where you want to go?

All you need to do is to set aside your ego and observe very carefully how rich people work and live.

The key phrase is ‘set aside your ego.’ I feel the need to emphasize this point only because most people seem to have a very serious problem when it comes to that aspect of preparing themselves for the learning process. Most of the time, they are not able to free themselves from the shackles of jealousy and envy and as a consequence they can never prepare themselves adequately to learn from rich people because they harbor deep seated feelings of inadequacy, insecurities and inferiority that can only hinder their education when it comes to learning from rich people.

Their pride and ego stops them from improving their lot – that is to say, when they see a man who is more successful than them, they run him down, instead of asking themselves really jugular questions like how did he reach where he is? What did he do? How does he organize his time? Does he have a method to manage himself and others that I can learn from?

Most people find it impossible to set aside their ego and pride and get over their prejudices and fear when it comes to learning from rich people. That if you ask me is their main hindrance and what actually holds them back in life!

They suffer from the same psychological trap, when average looking men and women see someone who looks much more attractive than them…they take comfort in the ideal, looks don’t count and while they are doing this, they are munching on Old Chang Kee fish balls. They don’t realize the reason why that man or woman looks like a million dollars is because they work very hard to look the very best they can – they take pride in the whole idea of outward appearance – they are crafting their personal brand – they consider themselves the CEO of their persona etc etc

If you able to set aside your pride, prejudices and fear concerning rich people. Then you will see that all rich people and when I say rich, I am referring to people who can consistently beat the curve and not just someone who lives in a penthouse and drives a Ferrari. Those people are not truly rich. Because rich people never ever spent money buying property that is impossible to sell or for that matter splurge out a million bucks on a car. Why would any rich person do something as stupid as that. These are not rich people. And even if they are, they cannot be rich for very long. They are just seriously confused folk. As rich people rarely ever make those sort of big ticket lousy decisions.

They are very strategic – that is to say, they know what is important and what is nonsensical and above all, they are very decisive. They don’t vacillate and dilly dally.

For example, you don’t see rich people doing stupid things like buy ten watches every year. They buy a Rolex and that’s it…it’s the best and they wear it till the day they die.

They drive cars that all have excellent resale value because they know a car is a depreciable asset, it’s a bloody liability and they all live very simple lives. Above all they are very clear about what works and how they want to play the game to get ahead. So if they give you five minutes to make your case and you run around in circles wasting their time….they will have absolutely no problem whatsoever in showing you the door!

Be mindful of this. Because not too long ago I saw a man who had his whole business plan thrown out of the window because he was using words like right sizing instead of down sizing. Never use fuzzy and ambiguous words when you try to pitch an idea to very serious folk because you will just end up losing your credibility.

Neither do rich people don’t spent their time doing stupid things like complaining or debating whether we live in a fair and equitable society – they see the world as it is and not in the way other people wish it should be. ‘should be’ is a pipe dream. ‘As it is,’ is reality. There is a world of difference.

Rich people never complain that they’re in a shit job or that management doesn’t appreciate them enough to provision A,B and C. If the working conditions are less than ideal. They just pack up and go!

They got no time for that stupid game where you hate Mondays so much that you wish, you didn’t have to wake up to go to work or figure out whether you should fake a MC, only to spend the rest of the week being miserable while looking eagerly to Friday and the weekend….not realizing you’re dead from Monday to Friday and really only come to life during the weekend. I mean if you do that, then you’re no better than a zombie.

To rich people that’s a stupid game like Pokemon or Soduku….it’s stupid because if you’re in that mode, you have already lost big time in life.

Like I said, if conditions are less than ideal. They just pick up and go!

That is why in life, one should always learn as much as possible by simply observing how rich people live and work…..if you do nothing else in life except this one thing. I can more or less guarantee you, you will get ahead in life.

Don’t complicated things. There is no need to open your brain like a jar of jam and pour in information….just observe carefully and above all work on setting aside your ego and everything will fall nicely into place.’

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