Paris Attack -14/11/15

November 14, 2015

This is a new type of terrorism. The model bears striking similarities with the Mumbai attack. Small groups usually comprising of very young men striking simultaneously at soft targets with semi automatics.

The world will never be the same again


‘For many many years the public has been mentally conditioned to only outsourced security to the police, army and clandestine services. In the light of the recent Paris attack. I do not believe this model is sustainable any longer….to me it is very clear. The forces of evil have discovered a wonder weapon to strike effectively with relative economy by targetting soft targets.

Hence this mentality dependence of calling 911 is obsolete at best and at worse it is only a security blanket.

It is in every sense of the word a useless response to this new form of psychological warfare and terrorism!

Forgive me, if I speak plainly. Realistically! The only race on this planet that has managed to develop a coherent response to these sort of surprised and coordinated attacks are the Jews. No one else even comes close to their core competencies in interdicting terrorist threats of this genre. The Jews by virtue of necessity and reality brought forth by having to survive in a tumultuous region have thru the years rewritten the book on security – specifically what impresses me most is their ability to recruit every single person in Israel as an integral component of the security apparatus. Result: 360 degree defense.

That is why in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, it’s not unusual to find members of the public asking, whose backpack is this? Why is this shopping bag left here? This is proactive security. Total security at source point. The gold standard of what I refer too as the only way to respond intelligently to terrorism in our age – where ordinary citizens are not only bystanders waiting for the police to arrive, but they are empowered to take measures to interdict and neutralize threats.

In a sense, only the Jews have been able to successfully streamline their security apparatus to recruit the general public to such a degree every Jew in Israel is honorary member of Mossad. No other race has been able to accomplish this remarkable feat with the organizational discipline and skill arms. Not even the fat Americans can do this! As for the Europeans, they are clueless. Singaporeans lagi worse – zero situational awareness lah!

The way in which the Jews have been able to root this culture of 360 degree security is thru a regimen of rigorous realistic training…they train, train and train relentlessly. The Jew is fundamentally a no nonsense fellow. He never takes peace for granted. If anything he is under no illusions, peace is a function of constant vigilance. This way when an attack strikes. The response is usually automatic. There is no fumbling. Everyone knows the drill. They have mental muscle memory to respond effectively. No lost of opportunity cost thru indecisiveness or lousy leadership like the failed response of the little India riot. Where so many people are twiddling their thumbs and waiting for someone to make a decision. No comedy circus show like in Mumbai when you had cross eyed policemen armed with antique Lee Enfied 303’s facing off with an determined enemy armed with semi automatics.

I can testify personally to the effectiveness of their methods in being able to interdict threats. As since many people want to kill me. I have managed to escape death on numerous occasions only because I weave many of their methods and above all cultivate a total defense psyche into my daily life.

My movements are random. There is no discernable pattern or routine to speak of. I never walk into a building without a floor plan in my head. I am always fifteen minutes early for an appointment. One hour is even better to check out the location for an ambush. My car always has a full tank of gas…it is never parked in a place where I cannot check on it….just in case. I have two of everything, three is even better, two spare tires, two cars even double rations of emergency MRE’s just in case. There are no less than seven layers of security where I live which involves the elaborate use of deception and misinformation – no one knows my location at any one time. I can appear and disappear at will. I never reveal my location casually. If I do so, usually I deploy deception to mask my movements. My time table is top secret. I don’t even trust my mobile phone as I can be tracked electronically and I train, train and train, till this attitude becomes the only way I know to live my life. This is what the Jew has taught me. Don’t rely on the police or army to save you. As an individual – you have to take ownership of security!

The world must learn to set aside their ideological differences with the Jews. But instead they take comfort in empty words from politicians who speak about peace, fraternity and equality, not realizing, their words are meaningless against the face of this new terror threat – they are like children who do not realize they are waging war against a very cunning and determined enemy that is prepared to do anything including killing innocent civilians.

Truth is this! Prolonged peace has lulled the West into a false sense of security, where they have become flabby, complacent and woefully unprepared for this new form of warfare.

Only the Jews have a proven and realistic solution to this new form of terror. I don’t care about their politics….I care even less about whether it’s morally correct for them to construct a wall that separates Israel from the West Bank…all I care about is their skill of arms in managing terrorism.

The world would do well to set aside their political, ideological difference and pride and learn diligently from the Jews! Either that or learn to live with this tragedy of watching more innocent and naive by standers getting slaughtered by a vicious and determined enemy.

Adapt or die!

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