The end of the road for Kong Hee & Co

November 21, 2015

I don’t relish this. Neither am I gloating. As spending time in jail is seriously no fun lah! But how else is civilized society suppose to deal with con men who regularly use the name of God for nefarious ends?

My only hope is Kong Hee will genuinely repent for his sins. Hopefully jail time will be able to provide him and his motley crew with ample time to reflect on the error of their ways…..but what about the naive and brainwashed people who were all conned?

Is there any justice for them? Can they for instance get their money back?


‘One reason why I decided to be a businessman instead of remaining a cookie cutter salary man is because I really enjoying giving others a fabulous deal. Whenever I can do this. I get a high. I can see the sheer happiness in the man’s eyes when I count off the money. He knows I appreciate the dedication and quality of his labor and above all he knows that I regard it as a sacred thing that deserves to be treated with the deepest respect.

I call this understanding dignity of labor. That is why people who work alongside or for me always come back. I have an incredibly low rate of turn over. If you do business with me. The chances (providing you are dead serious and take pride in your craft) you will always come back again!

Having said that, I am also a businessman who likes to get a fabulous deal back as well.

If I don’t get a good deal, it’s not unusual for me to jump up and down and throw my temper – if I find that people are trying to take advantage of me, cheat or fix me up. It’s even worse.

I will fill up a bottle of Johnny Walker with chinese tea and pretend to drink myself blind in the kopitiam, all the while lamenting, ‘I am the man who has renounced evil, but it is so hard to walk the path of righteousness, as some people make it impossible for me.’ I will sing vulgar Tamil songs and start fights in the local chettynad. I will smear shoe polish around my eyes and look like a panda and loiter around the village temple talking aloud, ‘it is so hard to be a good man…so very hard….I may have to throw in the towel.’

When the villagers see all this – they will all be very anxious. They will murmur to themselves, the forces of evil are attacking the farmer…the poor soul is tortured. They will get very angry with those people who try to cheat me.

Recently a couple of 5 cents cheap pirate landowners conspired to flood my lands by secretly constructing water locks along the river – I hoodwinked them with a host of countermeasures which I put in place in secret by building better locks which I personally designed and supervised.

Now their lands are flooded.

You know what they call me? They say that I am a gangster. Can you imagine that!

They all openly call me a gangster in a public function. All because I outwitted them by secretly building better water locks which diverted the angry river to their side to flood the shit out of them! Turning all of them into U boat commanders overnight!

Bloody daughter fuckers!

There is no way to win with these cheaters. The way I see it, they deserve their grief lah and much more.

After all who asked these cheaters and saboteurs to kachau (harass) me! It’s not as if I went around conspiring to flood their lands – everyone knows I have long since taken a solemn vow to renounce evil. Even the bloody roti man in the village knows this. So why go disturb a cobra…after all who is really at fault when the cobra feels threaten and strikes mercilessly!

Tell me who is to blame?’

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