Will Singapore ever be free from the likes of Kong Hee & Co?

November 25, 2015

I don’t think most people really comprehend the allure of a mega church. That’s to say they haven’t really looked at how sublimely clever the whole idea of faith is packaged. Or for that matter considered how well suited it is to fulfilling almost every aspects of an individuals life needs in this modern and stressful age.

If it were truly a matter of just God alone, then it would be relatively easy to get a handle on why mega churches are mega churches…but a mega church is much more than the basic idea of God – it offers a total life solution – the warmth, comfort and security of community, camaraderie, shared values and in certain cases can even supply one with a compelling reason why life is worth living.

It’s like one of those super duper cruise ships that is so big that you don’t even feel as if you’re at sea – it’s a total immersive experience that plugs into every aspect of what makes you human with a dash of spirituality.

That idea will I imagine always appeal to Singaporeans to some extent, only because the marketing concept of a mega church can embody all the hopes and aspirations of most people much more succinctly than even family, friends or the weekend warrior club. As a consequence adherents don’t mind, being someone else. They don’t even mind, if there are gaps and missing spaces in the narrative. They don’t even feel the compelling need to question and interrogate what’s before them. As full membership first requires suspending disbelief.

Simply because to continue belonging, to continue receiving, to continue the journey in faith – one is constantly forced to subjugate the self and if possible arrest all thinking processes to such a degree that it becomes almost impossible to hold a different POV from the pervasive narrative of the church.

This accounts for why perfectly sane and intelligent people are more than willing to give their money and time to mega churches – to them, it’s not merely the idea of worshipping God, it’s much bigger than that as ultimately it’s a lifestyle choice that feeds into many aspects of their needs at so many different levels of understanding.

To say I pity these robots is like ploughing the sea. Because when they read what I have to write about mega churches they would probably pity me instead for being a lost sheep fumbling in darkness.

So let us agree to disagree lah. You go your way. I go mine. After all the world is large enough to accommodate our difference of opinion.


‘I am always very clear and straight forward. That’s why people who try to sell me apple pie illusions and sweet fantasies all invariably get very exasperated only to end up storming away. But that’s OK with me.

As I am very comfortable with that idea. I never ever take it personally.

As I don’t see anything wrong about asking pointed questions like, why can’t I donate to my favorite charity, the autistic cause? Why do I have to give the church 10% of my salary when I don’t even earn enough to cover my monthly commitments? How is it possible that my father can multiply my wealth a thousand fold when all I seem to see is him taking whatever little I have from myself and others all the time? Why does the church need so much money? What’s happening in the accounting services in heaven….why does he always need a bit of $? What’s going on lah! Why can’t I just worship in peace without people harassing all the time to buy things that I don’t ever need? Where is God in all the dazzle and razzmatazz? Where?

As I said, I don’t ever mind walking the high road all by myself. I’ve done it before many many times – not if the cost of having to agree, conform and tow the line means I am forced to live in some lie that makes me feel like a phony.

I can’t imagine anything more depressing than living in an elaborate lie.

I’ve tried to do that a few times in the name of the common good – to close one eye and to just let it slide, but at the end, I just feel miserable and it eats me up from within, so usually I end up walking away….it’s very sad, I know, but that’s the only way I know how to live my life. I don’t know any other way but this one way to live a purpose driven life.’

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