A typical busy day in the city

November 27, 2015

Start at 7.00 sharp. Usually I walk around my garden and play with the dogs before I hit the city. I know I look awake but I am really still asleep. Believe it or not.

By 9.30. I’ve just finished a meeting with a management team of a new enterprise in the food industry. They have sunk millions to manufacture boutique jam and bake bread….but they have hit a snag.

After two hours and a bit. By the looks of it, I’ve managed to hypnotize and charm everyone into buying into how things should be done….my way lah!

People who fund enterprises respect me a lot. They all know I seriously know what works and what doesn’t.

Usually when I face resistance to change. I make it point to soften up the women folk by dunking them into my back pocket before I even start. Being able to do just this is key, otherwise all you would be doing is wasting time as there are too many snakes on the plane…eliminate all resistance. Make everyone think you are the greatest guy on thus planet!

After lunch around 1.30 pm. I begin to lay down the facts of life fast and furious – I spare no quarter, this will not work! This is not good! This or that needs to be changed! These people are clueless when it comes to organizing a proper work flow – their kitchen looks more like a mortuary. Usually I try to pull this off diplomatically, but to hit home, one also has to be firm and assertive and this can only come from having a very clear vision of what will work and fail. The trick is to be able to communicate all this in such a way where no one has to lose face or feel threatened and everybody believes it’s their idea, when it’s really yours!

That is the highest acme of leadership when it comes to managing yourself and others.

At 11.00 pm. I am cruising down to the Arab quarter of Bukit Bintang to sell my perfume wood and oils. This is a rough neighborhood. They have their own laws and customs here the Al Alewi’s don’t do business with the Maik, the Maik do some business with the Omani’s, except only during Ramadan…the Druze don’t like to buy oils in standard units of measurements, they prefer the caravaners way of buying with one, two or three thumbs …break any of these rules and all you would end up doing is pissing loads of people off who probably don’t mind putting you in a pine box. But I am good to go. Done this so many times. Everyone knows me. They call me ustaz – teacher.

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