Let the Media Literacy Council and Calvin Cheng go to the dogs

November 27, 2015

What separates man from animals is really only human decency. As much as one abhors terrorist and terrorism – children will always remain a special case. Simply because they know no better other than what they have been taught.

To suggest children must and should be killed even if their parents may be terrorist points to a very deranged and unsound mind.


‘If and when you associate with a pariah. Do not be surprised, if people begin treating you like a pariah as well. This is because it is neither realistic nor reasonable to expect most sane and level headed people to elide the theoretical question – why are you associating with someone with such questionable moral and ethical values? Neither can you blame or regard most people as unreasonable should they conclude, ‘maybe you too are a pariah, that is why both of you are drawn together, as you both share common values.

This is how a pariah can destroy your reputation, credibility and life. Beware of the pariah.

Wonder no more why no one gives two flying fucks what the media literary council has to say.

This is what happens when one runs with pariah dogs.’

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