Managing jealous people

November 28, 2015

The best way to manage jealous people is to give them all the impression – you are no threat to them and if possible convince them, they are smarter than you.

This way, you not only keep them dumb like a katakana dalam tempurung (frog in a well’ but they will bask in complacency and be lulled into a false sense of security. It is not very difficult to sell the idea to stupid people. They are wise and savvy. Once you can seed this idea into their head – they will stop learning, become proud and begin building castles in the air.

That is exactly the place where you want them to be – in the kill zone – where when you plan your next move against them. They will have absolutely no idea what hit them.

Remember this without surprise, there can be no such thing as a decisive and speedy victory.


‘The best revenge you can inflict on your enemies – is not to waste your time trying to show them how intelligent you are. No money there. Or to diffuse all your precious time and energy trying to win an argument. No money there either. Or to come out as the most popular guy. Sorry no money there also.

All you have to do is to enable you to win is work on the idea of living your well.

That’s the gold standard of revenge. That is when you win, while they are all wallowing in their cesspit of delusion and fantasy. The rest you can just as well throw out of the window…it wouldn’t matter in the least.

Only investing in the things that allows you go live well under your own term s truly matters, pays out big dividends and edifies you to reach higher. This is the most efficient to seek the ultimate revenge.

Anything else is just second rate.

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