The art of making a first class impression on others

November 30, 2015

When people met you for the very first time. They WILL form a lasting impression about you in exactly three minutes and twenty five seconds. That is the nature of all human beings. We are all hardwired this way. Often this mental imprint that they have formed about someone is likely to adhere with them for a very very long time….knowing this is like possessing the skeleton key in the palm of your hands that will enable you to open many doors in life.

Not knowing this is to go thru life without a design, rhyme or purpose….you are likely to go around in big and small circles.

Always put all of yourself into the making a first class impression on others. Make it really count….hammer that gold standard so very hard and forcefully in the way one stamps a hallmark on a silver heirloom.

Most people are cinchai about this. Wonder no more why others are also cinchai about them as well. In life you only get out what you are willing to put in.


‘My enemies have been conducting a secret and insidious psychological war to spread vile rumors concerning me in the city. They do this for one objective to make sure that I get nowhere in life by ensuring all the doors of power are closed to me forever. They tell everyone who cares to listen. Do not be fooled by his impeccable credentials. He is a gangster (by the way my loyal readers, do I come across as a gangsta? How ridiculous!) He grabs land like a cheap pirate. He has a chequered past and there are ship loads of warrant arrest out for him through out the length and breadth of Africa for every conceivable crime known to civilized society…yada yada yada yada lah.

But despite their best efforts to undermine my good name. No one believes them! Absolutely no one lah! Not even the roti man!

Because should we ever have the privilege to met and talk one day over a cuppa, you will certainly be convinced without a shadow of doubt, there is absolutely no truth in all these malicious rumors. They are all lies. All of them!

As I am a man who can always be relied upon to always leave a lasting and memorable impression on you – where I can almost guarantee 100% you will always make the extra effort to come back for more of me. That is all it takes to tip the balance in your favor….the rest is just moot.

Never waste your time on trying to fight those who try their best to undermine you. Just ignore them. Better still consign them to the garbage heap. They are not even worth one minute of your time. It’s a bloody waste of time and energy.

Just focus on the jugular…significant and important by managing yourself and others to perfection. Do this and only this and I can almost guarantee you.

Everything else will fall magically into it’s rightfully place.

The wise have always known this. As for stupid people they will spend their time fighting shadows and wearing themselves out!’

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