Don’t be silly Balji! Calvin Cheng is no Trump

December 1, 2015

Comparing Calvin Cheng to Donald Trump is like comparing a kindergarden paper plane with a modern commercial jetliner. There is absolutely no basis for comparison. Trump is a billionaire. A successful entrepreneur who has cut his teeth in the international business environment. Calvin is a nobody with a tube of Mentos and some loose change in his pocket, that is why the latter seems to always stir up shit because that is the only way for him to get attention and publicity.

If you want to compare. At least have the courtesy to do so apple to apple.


‘Many people consider Donald Trump obnoxious, arrogant and uncouth. They consider him the quitessential American ‘red neck.’ But to me that characterization of the man and what he stands for demonstrates a lack of imagination along with an abject failure to winnow the cogent from the fluff.

let’s consider the hard facts, Trump funds his own GOP campaign out from his own pocket. To me that speaks volumes about the man and what he stands for. Some times in life you don’t need ten bullet points to win, not when you have one very compelling point that trumps all!

Tell me who else is doing what Trump is currently doing? I am not asking for ten names. I just want one! The answer is no one else is financing their own campaign. All the other Republican presidential candidates are soliciting donations from corporate lobbyist and special interest groups. They’re all no better than call girls and gigolos in pin striped suits.

Now you know why whenever Trump speaks, people prick up their ears and they all sit on edge of their chairs. As by doing just that alone, he demonstrates real commitment, real leadership and real will power. That is why there is no basis to write him off as a lightweight. That is precisely why what he has to say about current affairs commands a certain measure of respect and agreement from very serious people.

The same cannot be said about Calvin. He’s a nobody. A wannabe. If he is really a heavy weight he wouldn’t be capitalizing on his flash in the pan glorified where he once served an incomplete term as a NMP every two minutes. He would just be Calvin Cheng, the man of the moment. As for the media literary committee, they have more or less squandered a golden opportunity to come across as a level headed, reasonable and serious outfit that can add real value to the internet by associating with his ilk.

As by issuing out a veritable contradiction where on one hand, they have sanctioned calvin for using the phrase ‘killing children’ and attempting to qualify Calvin Fatwah as not amounting to hate speech. They have just committed online hara-kiri by watering down their condemnation along with confusing everyone….they were better off shutting up or going to North Pole for a very long sabbatical.

Now both Calvin and the MLC have both emerged out of this as the biggest joke in the town and both cannot be taken seriously by sane and reasonable people either…lose lose lah!

This is what invariably happens when one is silly enough to rub shoulders with pariahs.

Coming back to Donald Trump. To me there is nothing fundamentally wrong with what he has to say about his objects of interest. If anything it’s just his call a spade a spade candor and working class parlance that rubs the American elite the wrong way. If he were truly irrelevant and nothing more than a clown, Mr Trump would not be in the pole position in the GOP race. That’s not possible. Please understand we are talking here about the most competitive political arena in the whole wide world. The equivalent of the Olympics in the context of power and politics that requires the highest level of cerebral fitness along with showmanship. It’s so competitive that if Mini Lee was a white man he wouldn’t even make it thru the first hurdle let alone command air time and bandwidth like Trump.

This should prompt the perceptive reader to ask how did Trump get up there? The reason as I see it is very simple. There is an acute authenticity deficit in American politics these days. Most Americans are sick and tired of flowery rhetoric that only seem to embody the form without the content – they don’t want phony leaders any longer. They have had it up to their necks with bullshit. They no longer trust the system any longer and above all they’ve have had it with a genre of politicians who are no better than carpetbaggers – who say one thing before getting elected only to do another after getting hold of the reins of power – that to me is a perfectly reasonable and understandable backlash from the voting american public.

So if you say Donald Trump has nothing to offer except maybe controversy and divisiveness galore, then you’ve probably got the wrong end of the stick. As Donald Trump by just being Donald Trump is offering something that is intrinsically rare and valuable and needful…..authenticity along with the promise of real change. Above all he’s not pretending to be anyone other than who he is, Donald Trump and by being just himself – Trump is filling up a vacuum in the abyss of a deep collective yearning in the American psyche for a leader who is real and authentic.

Perhaps one would do well to ask at this point – if most Americans believe politics is real and bullshit free….where might you think the likes of Donald Trump would be today?

Let me answer that question for you. If everyone in American politics was really real, then authenticity wouldn’t be able to command the currency that it does today in the shape and form of Mr Trump!

If the average American really trusted their leaders and can be assured their rights would not be hijacked by corporate lobbyist and special interest groups – then the likes of Trump would have precious little to offer and probably end up like Calvin Cheng, the shit stirrer par excellence. But as you can all see for yourself, it is precisely because the American political arena is so riven with phonies that is precisely why the Trump brand can gain traction.

So if you want to blame anyone for the nascent of Donald Trump. Go blame the leaders that came way before he decided to run the GOP race. After all they made him! Or shall I say, they created ideal conditions for characters like Trump to command the trust and respect of the general public.

In the same way, if you want to ascribe blame as to who is really responsible for the hurtful statements like condoning ethic cleansing and genocide by ‘killing children.’ Then don’t blame Calvin Cheng. Because he is intrinsically a nobody. And I can even supply prove that he is a zero, simply on the basis – serious people who have a firm grasp of power and politics will never ever come out with such hurtful and divisive statements. The last person who did that was the greatest Singapore Bo Lang Ai spinster, Bertha Henson who assumed the mantle of a post modernist Joan of Arc and condoned violence against children – now look at her. No one respects or even takes her seriously any longer. But I digress.

Coming back to the subject of ascribing blame….blame the custodians of power for short listing Calvin for the role of NCMP. After all if serious people take every effort to ensure mental cases who regularly hear voices never end up in the cockpit of a commercial jetliner and they even go through the trouble of seriously psychologically vetting air traffic controllers who have a habit of breaking out in yabadabado tongues when they are stressed out….then why didn’t those same decision makers fulfill their duty of care to the tax paying public by taking every effort to ensure that potty mouth characters like Calvin Cheng didn’t get to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers in the corridors of power?

You chew long and hard on that! Don’t blame Calvin. Blame the custodians of power who created ideal conditions for a narcissistic, mentally unstable, congenital attention seeker and shit stirrer par excellence to rise up in our society.

Where are these people today? Why aren’t they taking responsibility for their error of judgement?

That to me is the question. As for Calvin….like I said, he’s a nobody.’

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