Clearing up the misconception on wardrobe IQ

December 2, 2015

Understand this! Twelve year olds don’t ever read my blog. They all go to Stomp, Xiaxue or Mr Brown. Neither do people who are going nowhere except maybe round and round in ever diminishing circles read my blog either – even if they did, it’s unlikely to make a significant difference to their averagely miserable existence, just as probably if Amos Yee went around wearing dustbin liners, curtains and gunny sacks it would have zero impact on the destiny of the world and probably his life as well….it’s just a case of same shit different day with some people. That’s reality for some people – but have you wondered why the Russian elite along with very serious aspiring businessmen and people who are seriously committed to succeeding in life read my blog religiously!

Ask yourself just that one question – life is not about the numbers of hits you get…it boils down to only one defining factor, not the quantity, but the quality of people who read what you have to share…it’s been that way since the dawn of mankind. The French Revolution started with only six men..the independence of the Americas with less than eight and as for World War Two maybe fifteen….as for the vast majority of humanity, they’re just there for the ride. So if you say you have garnered X,Y or Z number of readers and you are in pole position, then I say go look at where Alvin Tan is right now…he’s still a down and out lowly waiter in LA whose surviving on pot noodle. Big deal!

One more time please, why do so many movers and shakers read my blog? The answer is very simple because what I regularly write about subjects that directly impact their lives. Enough times at least to come back for more. That is basic economics.

Now if you think wardrobe IQ counts for squat and has as much utility as mumbo jumbo, then invest three minutes of your life watching this.

I rest my case! Now you know why serious folk read my stuff. Because if they don’t then they would probably have to learn it the painful way from the University of hard knocks – my point is if wardrobe IQ is not important as some of you have written to tell me. Then I wouldn’t even bother squeezing my brain juice on the subject.

But let us be clear! How you dress is important! (Period).


‘Be under no illusions how dress IQ has direct impact on how others are likely to perceive you – it may be a very subtle process but trust me, it is very real!

How you dress shifts perception, judgment and behavior in others. It has the psychological power to influence at every level of intelligence and even beyond to the subconscious realm. In this sense managing your wardrobe IQ is in my opinion a strategic precondition to success.

Because when you boil down everything that you have been doing to improve your lot in life – it comes down to one axiom, making the best of what you have! So if you are born stumpy and short avoid broad horizontal stripes. If your eyes are so close like a cyclops try to adopt a closed hairstyle to eventuate the distance and if something really bothers you enough to go under the knife – then I say if it gives you that extra edge go for it! Don’t set road blocks for yourself by saying you are never going to do this or that, not if it adds to the whole idea of making the best of what you have.

If you have any doubts about the importance of dress IQ. Why don’t you wear a gunny sack and put a smelly fish on your head so that a cloud of flies follows you to a meeting with your banker….I want to see how far you can go with that sort of bochap attitude.

Always remember a few truisms – no one owes you a living! Life is rarely fair! So tell me why should anyone in their right frame of mind cut you any slack?

Don’t you think it’s the height of arrogance to expect others to understand your life philosophy and what you stand for? Why the hell would anyone even bother to go that far and deep to know you! They have their own mission and challenges – what makes you think, you’re so special that the world must just stop for only you. That’s the problem in our age – we expect people to understand us. But even should you be so selfish and self centered to harbor that expectation – what gives you the sheer temerity to impose that sort of expectation and burden on others – let me put it another way, let’s say I am bidding for a land concession and I commute by bicycle to the meeting. Not the high tech sort, but the one the roti man uses and I walk in with slippers wearing a pagoda T shirt and shorts…don’t you think that’s inconsiderate, presumptuous and arrogant! Of course it is! Because by giving free rein to my individuality in such an open minded way where my brains are spilling out – I am making it so bloody darn impossibly hard for those people to give me the land concession – and if I don’t get it, I have no one to blame but myself because by expecting them to take me as I am – I am making it easier for them to say NO! Instead of yes. As by dressing like a bag man I don’t give them the respect, dignity and thoughtfulness they rightly deserve to say yes!

So to me this post modernist idiom – you take me as I am or screw it! Makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Because nine out of ten, unless you happen to be in who’s who publication, the chances are with that sort of self defeating attitude most people will have absolutely no trouble turning you down!

However if you dress correctly, then I say, you have the A,B and C’s covered. I am not saying by just paying attention to the way you dress you’re going to land that job, get that promotion or win that girl. All I am saying is it frees you up to worry about D, E and F and so on and so forth.

By paying attention to your dress IQ. I don’t mean you have to splurge out a fortune. I happen to have five percent body fat so even if I wear a pasar malam attire I look like a million dollars. However someone who weighs two metric tons can even wear a Zegna suit, but he still looks like shit…expensive shit it may be lah….but shit is shit. So get your basics right. Dress IQ has nothing to do with branding and everything to do again with what I mentioned in the very beginning, making the best of what you have.

So as you can see correctness of dress sense has nothing whatsoever to do with chasing haute couture or materialism…if anything, it is the art of being the very best that you can be in the timeline that you are presently in and that is what I always try to impress on my readers….make every effort to put your best foot forward.

Because sometimes in life you only get one chance to make a lasting and memorable impression. And if it’s gone for some reason beyond your control, that’s perfectly fine. But if it was gone because you were wearing loafers instead of laced shoes or a shirt that’s so crumpled that everyone is wondering whether you baked it….then I think you deserve to lose. Only bear in mind everyone is just given X number of opportunities in life and if you keep losing just because you didnt pay attention to the A,B and C’s. Then I say you are throwing away opportunities.

Now you know why movers and shakers read religiously what I write….because everything I wrote about making a lasting and memorable impression isn’t optional to them. They don’t see dress IQ as something they might do – to them it’s strategic because it gives them an edge to go that much further and that just happens to be the truth and nothing but the truth.’

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