December 2, 2015

Let me share with you something that will transform the way you see yourself in relation to others forever.

Are you ready. Because this is very powerful! It’s so life changing that you can even say every single blog entry that I have posted since blogging for the last fifteen years really only comes to what I am about to say now.

So if you are not ready for this. Please click and go somewhere else.

Still here? OK.

Here goes.

No one can make you feel sad, angry or frustrated, except yourself. Others may well try to bring out the very worse in you – they may even succeed in doing so. But if the bough breaks and the torrent of anger, sadness and resentment overwhelms you….it is only because you opened that door to allow turmoil and chaos to flood into your life.

It is YOU! No one else but only YOU! As heaven or hell has always been firmly in the palm of your hands and no else.

The highest acme of warcraft is total and complete control over your mind. By cultivating what I refer too as the diamond mind every day, hour and minute. We can be in a state of peace even thought there is every reason to cause us to be sad, anxious and fearful.

We are like that well of tranquility and stillness within the eye of a raging storm.


‘No one in the village understands why I am so patient with my neighbor. He’s a bitter and grumpy old man who likes to scold everyone. There is not a day that goes by when he doesn’t cause trouble to either me or others. Nothing good and pleasant ever comes out from his mouth. It’s always doom and gloom. If it rains, he complains heaven pissed on him. If it’s sunny, he laments it’s hot as hell and even on overcast days, he gripes about not being able to make out where the sun is in the sky. Nothing is ever right with this old man who can only see the world as one big conspiracy that is hell bent on making him miserable, bitter and angry all the time. That if you must know is why no one in the village can understand why I spend so much time fellowshipping with him whenever he comes over to my land like a daily ritual to search me out to vent out all his bile…and I listen to him patiently. Usually I just keep very still and quiet and I do very little except look on impassively. As I listen on to his perpetual lament about why this is wrong, not right or topsy turvy.

I do all this because very early on when I first ventured into commercial farming – I knew that it would be a very windy lonely road where I would always be marooned in my skull. I realized early on, if it’s going to ever flow sweet and clear. Then I would have to bear the unbearable and the only way to do this is to find a teacher to teach me how to be patient, kind and forgiving to myself. Because that is how it is when one starts a business from scratch with just a wing and prayer – one can easily fall victim to self pity, defeatism and feel victimized, that was why I transformed this grumpy old man with the power of my mind into my teacher.

Through the years when I listened patiently to the constant lament of this old man. He taught me a few valuable lessons about life – the first lesson. It is futile to control others, but I can always exert control over how I choose to respond to others so that their negative energy can never make me feel sad or miserable….I have all the power to do this. The second is no one can ever slight or disrespect me, if I don’t give them the permission to do so and finally, the most important lesson is although I am constantly besieged from all sides by the dark forces of anxiety, fear and uncertainty. No one can ever rob me of my courage to hope nor can they snuff out my burning will to succeed. Not even when I am outnumbered ten to one. They cannot. As within the four corners of my mind. I always have the prerogative to choose to live in either heaven or hell!….it all comes down to only me and no one else….but me!

All this I learnt from my greatest teacher, the old grumpy man who is my neighbor.

That is why when he passed away last month and no one attended his funeral, except for a few distant relatives. No one in the village could really understand why I sat there the whole night beside his casket….they will never understand I imagine…how could they possibly – that this old bitter man who whenever I encountered him. I was always forced to suppress the urge to walk away and hide so that he could never find me and instead muster all the patience and sagacity to greet him politely, smile and take my seat on a stone and listen to his daily lament till he had finished….who would ever believe that this old man could possibly be the greatest teacher who ever lived.

Do you see how in life it is often so ironical. As sometimes our greatest tormentors can even be transformed into great teachers.’

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