Thought of the day – the man called loneliness

December 3, 2015

No great endeavor in self discovery is ever complete without a thorough understanding of loneliness as a subject matter in it’s own right.

If you ever have an opportunity to come across people who seem perfectly comfortable and at ease with loneliness.

My advise is observe this person and if possible find out more about his history. Because the chances are this person diligently cultivated such a state of mind. That is to say, this person who was once probably like you took the trouble to seek out the deeper meaning of what loneliness means. He cannot be an ordinary person as the vast majority of people are naturally uncomfortable with loneliness – as he is probably someone who knows this word beyond it’s dictionary meaning – for what it is and not what others say it is.

Beware of such men, because they will have absolutely no trouble whatsoever going their own way even should they encounter strong resistance.

However if loneliness disturbs you and you feel constantly assaulted by the idea of being marooned in a place where you rather not be and constantly find yourself moving from one distraction to another just to avoid the discomfort of loneliness – then it simply means you are living in a lie and everything in your life is probably an illusion as well – it’s all built on sand. It’s no good. As you are truly in dangerous territory.

Every great man knows this truism – it is one of the secret keys of power. If you take the trouble to read the unabridged history of all great men ranging from inventors to captains of industry. You will find to your astonishment without a single exception in the course of 2,000 years of recorded history – all great minds have one thing in common.

They are all very very comfortable with loneliness.

Many of these seriously successful men know that man of infinite wisdom called loneliness – he was there when they were languishing in dank prison cells when evil men incarcerated them for so very long but with this mysterious man beside them even time could crushed them to dust…same with the lone wolf inventor who struggles to make his ideas work when the whole world says it cannot be done….the Pulitzer book writer who hacks away….others struggled for years on end without even the slightest sign of light as they trudge thru the tunnel of darkness with only this man called loneliness walking by their side….the wise would do well to ask – would any of these men be great, if they never once bothered cultivating the friendship of that man who all fear and loath – the man called loneliness.

Take my advise. Get to know him well. Above all do not fear him. Because at the very top, that is probably the only friend who will always stay loyal and true to you.

The rest come and go….but he is the constant friend…the friend of friends…the man called loneliness.


‘Do you notice. Man goes everywhere! Some called cavers even go deep down into the bowels of the earth in search of new worlds. Others go the very edge of the stratosphere where they can even make out the inky deep blue of space where they are not beholden to gravity and then there are those who will journey far and deep into uncharted territories, so deep and far at times they even run off the edge of the known map.

Man is a great explorer it seems……

But have you ever noticed, no one has ever made a conscious effort to discover his or herself – no ever says, ‘today I am going on an expedition to find myself!’ You will hear your friends telling you how beautiful tulips are in Amsterdam in August. How in Moscow in Mid July, the lingering sun hangs longer over the horizon anywhere else in the world and how big the moon appears in Bali in November – but again no one has ever shared with you what they have seen, discovered and found when they once explored deep into their being.

That is because so many have been scripted and conditioned since the moment of their youth to fear loneliness and to even regard it as a loathsome thing that one should be ashamed of. As it is often falsely sold as a big nothing that perhaps only nourishes human suffering.

But when we are able to set aside this mental road block and make a conscious effort to journey deep into the inner sanctum of our being – then we will be able to see loneliness for what it truly is and not what others say it is.

Then we will know, this is not something we should fear, avoid or shy away from. Not at all.

As when a man seeks oneness with loneliness. Only then can he acquire depth, gravitas and wisdom. There within the crushing walls of loneliness, this man will eventually have to go deep within himself to discover the truth – while at times pain is inevitable in this journey of self discovery….suffering is always optional.

It is only when we take the trouble to know loneliness like the lines on our palm from the inside out that we can see it for what it is – that we are able to make out how it steels our will, nourishes our faith and fills us with an unshakeable belief in ourselves. As loneliness is where everything in this world becomes so very still that even time stops and all illusions are shattered forever….leaving only the naked truth.

Many years ago I came across a man who was declared a bankrupt. He lost everything thru a series of bad investments and no one respected him. Even his friends abandoned him. As for his wife, she called him a good for nothing and ran off with another man. One day when I saw this man wandering my lands to end it all consumed in despair wailing that he was finished – I told him in an authoritative voice of a landowner, ‘no are far from finished…far from it my friend….as your journey has just begun, till now you have been living in an elaborate and well crafted lie…an illusion. Now you are basking in the full light of the truth.’

This fellow got angry with me when he heard this and demanded to know whether I was making fun of him. I went to share with him, what he’s experiencing now is just a set back and he most fortunate. As I happen to be very well acquainted with a gentlemen who can be of great assistance to him in his hour of need.

Before I went on this introduce this man. I stressed or this fellow – How can you say you are finished? Are you wanted by the FBI? Do you live in constant fear that men with no necks will rappel down from helicopters and send you to the maker with a bullet? Do you have terminal cancer? Have you been sentenced to death?

The man answered no and soon I encouraged him to walk with me as I recounted how in this new journey that he was about to set upon…he would eventually chance across this man who everyone fears and regards as the bogeyman called loneliness. That was when I stopped, turned to this man, took off my shades and looked him straight in the eye – and extracted a promise from him that when the nemesis loneliness appears before him – he must never fear him….befriend him….as only this wise man of the ages holds the skeleton key that will open the door to a new dawn….always remember the promise you have made to me. The broken man gave me his word. Thereafter we bid each other farewell.

Some years later when the man had settled all his debts and got back on his feet again. He sought me out to thank me for being the solitary tongue of light in his moment of darkness – When we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries I exclaimed ‘I see that you are doing well.’

The man replied, ‘Yes, our mutual friend was a great help to me.’

There is a very deep moral here, but I reckon on this occasion I shall leave it to you. The perceptive reader to ferret it out for yourself.’

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