The mass illusion of chasing happiness

December 6, 2015

Look around you. Look carefully everyone yearns to be happy. They seek happiness all the time – that is why they are always running around searching like a drug addict craving for his or her next fix.

What after all accounts for this deep yearning for happiness – if anything it is simply a very delectable form of escapism from reality; that’s what drugs and alcohols helps you to do – it makes you forget about your problems and while the high last, since you have taken a holiday from yourself. How can you feel miserable. Naturally you feel happy.

Indeed you are very happy so long as that narcotic called happiness flows thru your veins. Happy when you are with your friends who you want to be with…happy when you are going out for your lunch break with your office colleagues who you seem only to get along with….happy when you bought that dress that you have been saving all month for when it’s at a 50% discount….happy after two hours of standing in line, you have finally managed to get your hands on the latest smartphone before anyone else.

But do you notice the narcotic called happiness never ever last….friends drift apart with time…that is only natural. Colleagues even the very best will turn against when you fall out of favor….that too is very natural…as for that dress that once made you so happy…even it will fade and lose it’s allure…very natural. As for that smartphone….it too will end up one day in a forgotten shoe box where all your other old phones go to die.

Do you see how happiness is nothing more than escapism – an illusion.

Once a man understands completely how chasing happiness mindlessly is at best chimeric. He will not longer seek gratification for the sake of gratification, not even pleasure for the sake of pleasure and certainly not happiness for the sake of happiness.

Suddenly this endless pursuit of always trying to run away from the essence of his being becomes a great diffusion of energy representing nothingness.

Since this new man has a deep understanding of the nature of things and how they all wax and wane with the chastening passage of time leaving only his real being as the true essence of who he really is. He is already in the truth and once you are in the truth. There is no longer any need to seek out means of escapism. As when one is within the truth….only then can one be truly at peace…and peace and stillness is all that one ever needs in this world.

The rest come and go, they light up and dim into darkness, appear and disappear only to reappear again….but a peaceful and still mind is always there forever and ever.


‘A very old wealthy landowner who formed a consortium to block me from buying more land once tried to intimidate me with all his money and influence. I looked at this man impassively and whispered to him, you speak so much about power and how you and your lackeys can move mountains, but tell me how many times do you need to wake up in the middle of the night to piss?

The wealthy landowner on hearing these words leaned forward and snarled at me baring his yellow teeth. But just as he was about to say something harsh. Suddenly like a man feeling a passing breeze on his cheeks that could only carry with it the knowledge of one season bowing out to another. His features began to almost soften into an abject expression of defeat as he sank back into his chair only to turn inwards deep in thought.

It was as if he understood completely the finality of the truth I meant to convey to him that day.

Perhaps the powerful landowner who believed be could move mountains finally realized how crumbly his reality really is before the power of the truth. Perhaps he even saw it then momentarily for what it is….his reality that he had derived all his strength from was nothing more than a well crafted lie. An illusion that could be smashed into a thousand pieces right before his eyes and there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop it.

As that is how it is when lies come before the cleansing light of the truth – they are vaporized into nothingness.

This is what happens when a man chooses to live in an elaborate lie all his life chasing worthless and meaningless things that he only thinks fashions him into a God, when what it actual does it to lull him into a delusional state of happiness like a opium addict.

Tell me what becomes of the man who is an addict when you suddenly snatch away his opium pipe and break it in half like a twig?

Does he even exist at all without his floating world of happy illusions? That is the question…the wise would do well to ask themselves from time to time.’

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