The first discipline of a mature mind

December 8, 2015

The mature mind always go inwards first to seek the well of calmness before it moves into action. This is always the first discipline of all mature minds. That is why all acts and omissions that flow from the mature mind is free from self destructive and frivolous influences….it is very stable like a mountain, it never moves to the wimps and fancies of others. It rarely ever panics. It can never be gamed. Neither can it be swayed by anger, greed or the nefarious designs of others. The mature mind is very calm.

The immature mind however is elementally indiscipline and chaotic, that is it’s nature, it goes everywhere and to everyone to seek answers, assurances and a sense of security except where it’s most needful…. inwards. Because not only is there nothing except perhaps pure emptiness inside the immature mind. But because it is inherently chaotic and changing ten million times a day it is everywhere and also nowhere at the same time. Hence the immature mind can very easily be swayed, influenced and directed by others to the path of pain and suffering.

Notice if you will, it is very easy to make an immature person cry and feel small. Or to disable him or her completely with the just the power of words by playing on their fears and sharpening their sense of insecurity to rob them of their confidence. However, if you notice. A mature mind is like a diamond mind – it does not even fear death itself. Not because it is courageous…because it knows death for what it is…hence the mature mind is always calm and collect even under extreme pressure that will drive most people crazy. Neither will the mature mind malfunction under extreme conditions like the immature mind – no matter what is before it, it’s like Rolex submariner…it can always take a good licking and keep on ticking!

That is not only the difference between the mature and immature mind…it also happens to be the defining difference between someone who is going somewhere and another who is just going around in small and big circles.

So me, the difference between maturity and immaturity is not only a casual technical observation concerning the nature of a person – it is strategic, very much in the way a stealth fighter or a submarine fitted with an ultra silent power train is able to confer competitive advantage and even swing the outcome.


‘No one is born mature. There is no such thing as a mature gene. Neither is it true to assume maturity comes automatically with having lived X or Y number of years on this planet. If that were really true how can one account for so many young people who are mature and so many old people who still demonstrate signs of immaturity. So maturity has nothing whatsoever to do with age, gender or genetics. Neither is there a correlation between intelligence or experience with the maturity quotient of a person – they all seem to be mutually exclusive.

This begs the question where does maturity come from? How does one go about the business of uploading it into one’s head where it can hopefully produce all the good stuff that we associate with mature actions, deeds and thoughts?

To my understanding maturity is a bi-product like how a tree bears sweet and succulent fruit. So when you ask the question where does maturity come from? It is like asking WHAT did the farmer of the orchard that yields sweet and succulent fruits do that season? Yes, fruits do come from trees of course, but that hardly answers the question if you can see where I am coming from, simply because not all trees bear fruit and even those that do may not always yield sweet and succulent fruit.

So the real question if you want know where sweet fruits come from requires a careful understanding of how that fruit orchard was tended along with perhaps a rudimentary understanding of the seasons. Similarly, when we ask ourselves where does maturity come from? We need to look at the discipline that produces this characteristic.

In my years of research I found one common trait among all matured people – they all make a point to set aside some quiet time every day to still the mind into a very calm state before going forward into the world.


It stands to the acid test of logical interrogation – when one is calm. Everything acquires the right scale and perspective. Everything is clear and unambiguous. There is room for exageration, embellishments and misdirection – so one sees the world as it is and what what others say it is. That is the goal!

To cultivate daily calmness in your life daily, one doesn’t have to something esoteric like sitting crossed legged and meditating before dawn. Or standing on your head while chanting yabadabado. No I don’t imagine for one moment that is the only way for one to still the mind to discover calmness. There is plenty of room for improvisation and even more for experimentation.

But whatever the shape and form of this daily ritual to instill calmness thag sets the mood that promotes a calm and collected state that last the whole day – could be starting off the day slightly earlier than usual that allows you take a calm leisurely walk to the MRT instead of rushing to work as if your hair is on fire. Closing your eyes and turning inwards when you’re commuting to work to gather all of yourself before a new day unfolds. Or even reading slowly and stilling the mind to bear out patiently the beauty of words in a chapter of a book….walking the dog before hitting the hectic city..but whatever that daily ritual, whatever that which you do to set the mood of calmness that will hopefully last till the day ends…. it always begins from within YOU and not by searching for it furtively outside the self.



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