Understanding the nature of things

December 9, 2015

Strive always to understand the nature of things for what it actually is and not what you or others believe it should be.

The latter is an ideal – should be. There may well exist many compelling reasons why this or that should be like A, B or C. However just because something should be so does not necessarily render it reality. So if you invest too much of your time insisting on what should be instead of working around the reality of what is – all you are really doing is chasing an illusion. Hence if you devote your time and effort into the proposition of what should be, it will be like trying to plough the sea….it’s a bloody waste of your time!

What is – may not be a handsome, fair or even the right way of of doing things .But if it is what it is. Then it is real. When you invest in reality. You are with the truth.

Knowing the real nature of things and learning to accept it as gracefully as you can is highest form of maturity.


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