The intelligent way to manage yourself and your enemies

December 13, 2015

Just put all your time, attention and effort in living well. Never spend your precious time mulling over what should be….why do they treat me this or that way blah blah blah.

Let me share a truism with you that will repeat itself again and again thru out my and your life – it begins by first coming to terms with one phrase – it is what, it is.

In life there will never be a shortage of assholes, mentally challenged and unhappy psychos with axes to grind for whatever reasons, who will always try their very best to suck you into their world of doom and gloom….so don’t get dragged into their world – just focus on what you can exercise control over . Don’t ever waste your time trying to control others. Above all priorities the very idea of living well. Because if you do just that and that alone, no matter what others may think or say about you… are light years ahead of them, while all they are doing is chasing their own tails and going round and round.

Never sweat the small stuff….remember you’re part a grander design in the larger scheme of things.


‘Understand this! Life is all about scale, perspective and how you see yourself in relation to others. It’s always been this way! If anyone tells any different, they haven’t lived at all.

Sure I have a lot of enemies who regularly say plenty of nasty things concerning me – but tell me what businessmen doesn’t have his fair share of detractors? The only person who gets along with everyone is probably someone with no opinion who is content to always go with the flow. But always bear in mind, this category of men are also seldom respected because they consistently demonstrate a failure to hold and defend a position. So don’t expect anything significant from people who get along with everyone. Neither does anyone bother to seek their counsel either. Simply because if the prevailing wind blows this way, then he will bend that way and vice versa. So to me, no one takes them seriously.

But if you’re a businessmen, then I say by default you are bound to accumulate your fair share of detractors – simply because you’re in competition and that by itself implies disagreement at every level of intelligence that cannot always be reconciled. You must learn to accept this gracefully. This is part and parcel of what it means to be a businessmen. If you are unwilling to buy into this baseline belief – then stay a salaried man all your life. But even should you do that, you are bound to come across your fair share of assholes, backstabbers and malingerers. That’s given! That’s life. Because where there is people who work in a hierarchy. There will always be power and politics – it’s no different from a bunch of monkeys fighting over banana’s and somewhere in this diorama of life – there will always be the king monkey who sits at the top of hill and everyone aspires to sit on that chair one day!

So to me conflict is given….it comes with the territory….it’s an occupational liability and if you’re not thick skinned enough to come to terms with this reality….you will be hurt…it will grind you down to dust and ultimately disable every aspect of who you were meant to be.

Never let that happen – allow the idea of conflict to go right thru you and let come out the otherside while you watch it’s passing wake.

Once you know this reality and even come to terms with it as a veritable fact of life like how mosquitoes and flies can never be completely eliminated – then it ceases to bother you. Then you can work confidently on how to live well without the slightest distraction.

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