Instant Karma for Mahathir

December 18, 2015

It’s virtually axiomatic. What goes around…will and must definitely come around.

When Mahathir was in power for over twenty years in Malaysia. He was a downright dictator in every sense of the word. I am not going to mince my words…it is, what it is – if someone stood against him, he bulldozed and buried them…right or wrong didn’t matter a bit….when challenged he took pride in adage, ‘I did it my way!’ Nothing was sacred to this man…everything could be negotiated…circumvented…embellished with one sole purpose to perpetuate his hold on power and politics.

Now at the age 90. Within his life time, the man who once believed he was a living God is compelled to come to terms with his utter powerlessness and hopelessness as he watches helplessly the very same corrosive ritualize politics, culture of patronage and corruption that he once meticulously created that now allows Najib to run circles around this old man along with consolidating his iron grip on power.

Do you see how it has all come full circle… it seems is so fair and just after all.


‘I always say to people – never do to others what you do wish others to do to you! Never!

If you expect others to give you the benefit of the doubt…then extend them the same courtesy. If you expect to be treated fairly, then conduct yourself like a gentlemen by keeping to your word. If you want to be respected, then respect others.

Because trust me when I say to you – it will all come back! Trust me, it will come full circle to the very point where it all once begun – that’s the way of the world.

Let’s not call it karma, if you happen to be uncomfortable with religious terms…let us just reduce it to the technical process of what physicist would term as the science of cause and effect.

Because that is really what it is..nothing more or less.

So if someone comes to you seeking a job. Always remember. Treat them with dignity. Be thoughtful. Take the trouble to put yourself in their shoes by recounting how you were once there on the other side of the table not so very long ago and if possible imagine how anxious they are. And even if the fit isn’t right see them to the lift and tell them – I believe in you…even if you don’t really believe it.

Because if you just do this one thing thru out your life and keep in mind always – never do anything that you don’t ever want others to do to you.

You are really like a very wise farmer who sows seeds of goodwill wherever you go – and somewhere down the line in the long journey in life, someone who you once gave the benefit of a level playing field….good light or just a helping hand will remember you fondly and repay the favor.

You know life is very short and all of us no matter how smart or stupid tall or short, beautiful or ugly, fat or thin are really only given X number of seeds. No more! We all get the same quantity and quality of seeds. May not seem like it, if you are born a hunchback or you are used to being passed over for people who seem to be more beautiful and confident that you. But that is how I see!

Many people waste their seeds by throwing it to the wind. But the wise always makes sure everyone single one counts. Because when you get older and those seeds which you once planted carefully and diligently grow into strong trees that is when you will begin to reap a bountiful harvest.

So start planting seeds in the hearts of others now! Don’t delay! Do it today!

Most people these days don’t ever think of the world in such agricultural terms – to them it’s always about – what is in for me? How much can I milk out of this? They don’t think about what happens the day after. The reflect even less about the whole idea of how it will all come full circle one day.

But I don’t reckon that’s sustainable. Not at all.

Because when you are in your twenties and you don’t sow these seeds wisely. Then when you hit your thirties, you’re going to find it uphill. And by the time you push into your forties, since you never ever bothered with the whole idea of planing to close the circle – it’s just going to be a grind. You will find that when you ring up someone, they wouldn’t even bother to pick up the phone – why should they, after all you’re the person who keeps taking and taking all the time without ever once giving back. You’re the person whose always so fixated on the short term and transaction instead of the long term and relational. So by the time you reach your fifties when you should be ideally basking in the full glory of an abundant orchard filled to the brim with sweet and succulent fruit…’re no better than a twenty year just starting off in life.

By then, you don’t have the vigor to see a thing thru to it’s logical end any longer. As since you never once sowed those seeds all you really have is a barren land.

Do you see how it all comes full circle? I guess what I am trying to illustrate here is the idea of how none of us seem to have any problems buying into the idea of sustainability – be it farming, running an enterprise or just living without destroying the planet….but the real paradox of our age is no one ever seems to talk at length about the whole idea of crafting the idea of the sustainable man.

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