Why people abuse things and people

December 19, 2015

When you have neither the intelligence, imagination or experiential knowledge to understand a thing or someone – then, that which confounds you no end will make you angry and you will abuse it. Why? Because that which you cannot, will not or simply don’t have the intellectual raw material to comprehend can only gnaw at you, make you feel small and insult you.

You cannot understand it! YOU cannot understand it? And that seeming presentation of impossibility compels you to shift the blame to that which you cannot comprehend – so it must his or her fault….he is wrong….he’s mad….and when one falls into this mind trick to abuse things and people we don’t understand, one begins to talk, think and act in a nonsensical way without even realizing it.


‘Not very long while driving thru an estate. I came across a group of men wielding sticks and standing over a frightened child. I promptly stepped out of my car and demanded in an authoritative tone of a landowner – what is the meaning of this?

A man shouted angrily, this mischievous boy claims there is a talking tree in this orchard. Another jumped in, he’s fibbing as usual to scare us all! Yet another who was about to wallop the child screamed out, he’s always making trouble and the whole village has had enough of his nonsense!

I asked in a calm voice – where is this talking tree? Someone in the crowd exclaimed, ‘what the hell are you talking about? Trees don’t talk!’ I asked again, ‘where is this talking tree?’ Everyone looked at each other and soon they all turned to the boy and asked him to lead us all to the tree.

That was when I intoned sarcastically, so no one it seems even knows where the talking tree is?

Soon we were all standing before the majestic sprawling ficus talking tree. The crowd was murmuring. I took off my sunglasses and glared at them and in a whispering hush told them, ‘Can you all please do me the courtesy of shutting up….can’t you see I am having a very important life and death conversation here!’

Soon the men who were once angry loosened their grips on their sticks and the crowd began to fall so very silent as they all strained their ears….that was when I noticed the boy flashed me a smile….I winked at him.

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