Removing the road blocks in your life

December 21, 2015

Today a well heeled plantation lady and her sister visited me in my estate. When they saw my pack of Doberman – they began to cringe in fear and even trembled visibly – I pretended not to notice this and called one of my dogs to approach us – when the majestic Doberman stood before the plantation lady in attention…She shook like a leaf and look distraught. Suddenly I grabbed her hand forcefully. She gave me a look of utter surprise which could express – what are you doing? That was when I remove my sunglasses and stared into the eyes and told her – please let me share something very beautiful with you. A pause ensued and soon she relented her. At first she was very reserve this soon gave to hesitation and soon she was in the moment. As I held her hands over her’s and ran it across the fur of the animal. Soon her features began to almost soften as if fear has left completely only to be filled with fascination. And with every stroke the woman who once feared this variety of dog who everyone told her could never be trusted began to marvel at the beauty of this fine animal.

Later on during a garden luncheon in the planters club – this plantation lady shared with me her morbid fear of Doberman’s – as since the moment of her youth she had always been told, the Doberman is a very violent and psychotic breed that has a habit of turning against his master….she also went on to tell me, her father told her I am a dangerous man who one would should always be wary of.

I simply told her….that was what you were told and believed in the past. Now you know a thing for what it is and not what others tell you and that is all that really matters to me….good day madam.


Old beliefs need to be discarded. As if they continue to remain encrusted in your thinking – it can only hold you back and work against you. I once knew a girl who harbored an almost irrational mistrust for handsome men – when I asked her why, she told me – they have always hurt me!

But when I shared with this girl even the most handsome man and beautiful girl – never ever see themselves as truly handsome and beautiful. As they know only too well their flaws and have heightened them even if others do not notice their flaws….very slowly this girl began to come around and soon she was able to wean herself from her negative impression of handsome men.

My point is we have to always be diligent about the business of discarding old thinking, setting aside bad experiences and if possible even revisiting wrong assumptions no matter how many people believe in them – because if we don’t do that. The mind doesn’t stay the same, these positions will harden with time, they calcify and even turn to stone continuing to hold us back from going further.

And once the mind is filled with road blocks…it is very difficult and even impossible for any form of understanding of any kind to take root; then the motivation to explore, the curiosity to seek out, to compromise, agree to disagree along with the will to take risk can only be snuffed out.

And when we fall into this mind trap of our own making without even realizing or worse still we surround ourselves with exactly the same people who reinforce this dead weight belief because they don’t know better – then it is almost impossible to get excited about anything any longer. Instead of being embraced by a sense of mystery to want know more. Instead of being in a state of awe and fascination to what to be part of…we simply surrender ourselves to apathy and the destructive belief, it’s better to stick to the devil we know than to take a leap of faith. When that happens, life itself can never be filled with mystery anymore, it will cease to be an adventure and that is when something important dies in a person….if you look around, there are so many people who are already dead…..they just look alive, but when you look deep into their eyes….they are so dead!’

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