The sexiness of maturity

December 22, 2015

Every time I go to the mall in town to stock up provisions and necessities. I get ambushed by the girl who once proposed the idea to be my contract girlfriend.

This girl is in her mid twenties. She really puts in a five chili effort that much I can say – as once I told her, I don’t care much for women who highlight their hair as they remind me of how my pariah dog looks. Shortly after that, she dyed it jet black just to please me. She even got braces, the variety that’s hidden to straighten her teeth because I once told her I like girls with smile with all teeth – it’s obvious she’s got me squarely on her sights as every time when I go to the mall – she drops everything. Doesn’t even give a fuck whether the manager sacks her for leaving her post and makes it point to get as close as possible to only me. Most of the time. We just talk while I shop for stuff. I allow her to push the trolley. While I move from section to section stocking up stuff while we talk on the go. Mostly about irreverent stuff like, stuff that you just know will never go anywhere only because one’s mind is really somewhere else and not really there.

One day the contract girlfriend grabbed my hand, looked me straight in the eyes and even asked me in a whispering hush to remove my dark glasses and asked – why aren’t you attracted to me like other men? Don’t you find me attractive?

I simply smiled and told her, you know what – you may not realize this…but that could well be the only reason why whenever I come here. We always end having this conversation.

The girl who once offered to be my contract girl looked confused – that was when I revealed to a profound agricultural fact known only to farmers – low fat milk is a scam. It’s just the marketing manifestos way of selling watered down milk – if you really want low fat milk, all you have to do is add water to it and that will get you two cartons…you get one for absolutely free…as full cream will always be the real and not the fake thing…that’s why I always buy only full cream milk. Since I am a perfect gentlemen with impeccable manners while I was recounting this to her I kept my eyes on hers and never looked once at her 34D fun bags.

I had no idea whether she understood me at all – and that’s really how it goes whenever I visit the mall to stock up on supplies every two weeks.

Do feel free to read between the lines….I hope you discover some compelling and profound.


‘I happen to be one of those rare people who actually believe the word ‘maturity’ is perhaps the most misaligned, misrepresented and embellished word in the whole compendium of the English dictionary.

You see, when most people speak about maturity – all too often it’s associated with age and experience and viola suddenly you are mature and wise.

There’s a big blank there! It’s like one of those magic tricks where the magician pulls out rabbits from a top hat and you can’t figure out where it came from – you know it’s an illusion. But you don’t know how it’s pulled off. That to me is how the vast majority of people speak about maturity – they associate automatically with wisdom…coming of age…mellowing down or going thru something like a baptism of fire and emerging out of it a stronger and better person, but they NEVER explain it just like the magician never reveals how the trick is pulled off.

They just impute the idea of maturity or worst treat it as a fait accompli – that maturity necessarily means being wise. And usually it’s very easy to tell, there is a big gap in their knowledge in this area – as how they go about making the perceptive leap of faith when they talk about how does one actually become mature – because they can’t really tell you the A to Z as to how maturity = wisdom. They cannot. Not without demonstrating how little they actually know about this subject called maturity and even less about how it’s related to wisdom.

That’s because maturity has nothing whatsoever to do with experience or age. It’s got nothing to do with the sort of intelligence that gets you good grades even and even less to do with how much money you have managed to accumulate in your life time or the whole idea of prestige and how people might regard you.

If that were really true, then how can you account for the contradiction where there are so many young men and women who are mature along with so many older men and women who are still behaving no better than petulant teenagers.

I guess what I am trying to share here is my idea how I see the whole idea of maturity being associated with the concept of sustainability – but you know as soon as we go there. We end up hitting a brick wall again. Because these days , the word sustainability has become one of those sobriquet terms of endearment that people just feel the need to add on as a prefix to come across as credible – it’s one of those words that has been so abused, it’s evacuated of all intrinsic meaning – wonder no more why it’s bandied around like sustainable farming….sustainable energy…sustainable ecology….blah blah blah.

So if you really want to understand maturity. You need to reclaim the real meaning of the word sustainability – because when we talk about maturity. All we are really doing is creating the idea of a sustainable person – and that can never be a simple idea, it’s a variety of man who takes the trouble to go deeper into himself with the goal of coming full circle. That is essentially how I see a sustainable anything be it an enterprise, relationship or even just the simple idea of opting for carry your groceries with a reusable bag instead of a plastic bag .

So when we speak about the sustainable man – it’s the idea of a man who goes deep into himself. So deep that he has discovered his core. When a man has reached the very center of his being, he can only be mature. As that is the moment when the person whose always distracted by what others say, think or even believe about him disappears completely. Suddenly that whole great diffusion of worthless energy of wondering what he or she said, did or is trying to do just disappears completely. Because at the core, it’s like being in the eye of a storm – there is perfect stillness, silence and clarity – hence who is mature is the man who exist only in the moment and whose always in the present.

So to me maturity can never be an acquired state of mind or school of thought that you can upload into your brain – rather it’s a verb…a conscious act of self discovery, like journeying into your inner core like an explorer to know more about yourself till you reach that point of total realization. When this stage is attained, a person can only become very beautiful. As he or she is like a flower in full bloom. At the very zenith of it’s fragrance and completeness of form and that is the unabridged definition of beautiful.

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