The illusion of possessing things

December 24, 2015

Some time back ago I heard a proud owner of handsome Alsatian declare to everyone he has the most beautiful animal in the neighborhood….a few weeks later that same owner ended up with seventy stitches lying in intensive care with a tube sticking out of his mouth….as his ‘beautiful’ animal nearly mauled him to death.

The problem here is this man actually believes he can control this animal…WHY? Because he paid for it and so it is legally his property! Therefore this dog is his possession. He owns it!

Do you see how the world and it’s funny way of making sense of things has lulled this foolish man into a false sense of confidence that nearly got him killed.

The irony about this needless tragedy was when this man was showing off his dog – I actually asked him in an exceptionally serious tone, tell me what do you actually own about this beautiful dog? He brushed my question aside non chalantly. That is only to be expected as he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about….so I knew this would happen….it was in cards.

And that’s why it all ended so violently and tragically – but let us be guided for one moment by the common sense school of thought – how is it possible for an average built human to control a 70kg mass of muscles, sinews, claws and fangs that has evolved for centuries with only purpose – to kill efficiently, purposefully and ruthlessly….how may I ask is that possible?

Even if we should look at our feeble hands and bodies in the mirror – soon it becomes evidently clear, there is nothing about man, not even a well built muscle freak that can be weaponized as naturally as a fully grown Alsatian dog….nothing whatsoever…the sum total of our firepower against a fully grown German Alsatian is zero!

So when it comes to animals and things that are intrinsically primal and have either one or both feet planted in nature (or the shopping mall) – let us not be foolish….let us not talk about nonsense like ownership, control or possession – that is a completely wrong concept that can only produce tragic results.

Rather it is all about the simple act of appreciation. As when one appreciates a thing and take time and effort to go beyond the whole superficiality of ownership and control and possession – then it is like a man who simply sits quietly to appreciate the beautifying of a flower. He is not thinking about stupid things like how to come back in the middle of the night when the National parks uncle is not patrolling around to steal the flower. Neither is his mind occupied by nonsense like how nice this flower will look in a pot in his void deck.

This man is just sitting down quietly and appreciating the beauty, symmetry and fragrance of the flower….he is not judging…he is not even expecting anything…Rather he is allowing it’s very form, nature and essence to permeate deep into him…to touch his core – that is the highest form of understanding for a thing – for what it is and not what others think or say it is. When one begins to approach anything or anyone that has the power to turn nasty….do not begin by believing you can control it like you break a horse in…that idea only exist in cowboy movies. In real life a horse, even one that is stabled, can throw the rider off like baseball flying out of the stadium…same goes for a 70Kg Alsatian that has all the natural weapons to put you in a NTUC plastic bag in less than thirty seconds flat…you can control nothing….you possess nothing…there is nothing about it that you can even own….all you can so is aspire towards understanding it…only through complete and total understanding can there be mutual appreciation between man and beast and with this…agreement, love and respect will follow.

People who know how to manage dangerous animals and things well know this. People who do not know…simply do not know. That is the cruelty of life.

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