How do you stop evil people from bullying you?

December 27, 2015

Everyone at one time or another gets bullied! Even I. They try. They certainly do – in my case it’s strategic. The first rule of warcraft. Do not be emotional! Look at this thing that is pointed at you…look at it carefully and study it’s shape and form.

Then remove the one essential quality of satisfaction. Once you surgically remove the satisfaction quotient – then everything is defused…it’s rendered benign and harmless.


‘A man who was once bothered about being teased for not having a wife by the villagers – once told me, this bothered him. I told him, they do this because they all know when they mention you are a man who is wifeless…you always jump up and down. Next time, remain calm smile and even look at their wife’s and say to them, you must lucky to have such a perfect chain and ball around your ankles day and night…..whereas I am a free man.

When the took my advise, soon the teasing not only stopped, but the tables were suddenly reversed. Suddenly all the villagers began to envy him.

The highest acme of warcraft is to disarm your enemy at the level of the mind – once you have planted a thought in his head and it grows like a vine to take hold of every aspect of his thinking….you have prevailed!’

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